3195G AGC FTTH CATV Optical Receiver

3195G AGC FTTH CATV Optical Receiver

  FTTH CATV Optical Receiver

2085WD WDM FTTH CATV Optical Receiver 


FTTH CATV Optical Receiver is such a series of devices designed to work as optical/RF/CATV filter doing as follows:

  • Receives a signal from OLT through input fiber interface (SC / APC) (1490/1310/1550nm);
  • Filter the signal on 1550nm converting it into RF/CATV signal and send it to output coaxial interface;
  • Allows connection with existing ONT through output fiber interface (SC / APC)( 1490/1310nm). 


  • 3195G AGC FTTH CATV Optical Receiver
  • 1GHz Bandwidth
  • Low optical input power(-7~+1dBm)
  • Build-in AGC
  • Low noise GaAs MMIC Amplifier
  • Dual RF output ports, Main output and sub-output port with -20dB test point
  • Compact Housing 


Item Parameters
Model FCOR-3195G

Input Optical Wavelength

1100~1600 nm

Input Optical Power

-7 ~ +1dBm AGC

Optical Return Loss

Optical Connector SC/APC, FC/APC optional
Operation Bandwidth 45MHz ~ 860MHz
Output Level 95dBuV @ -7~+2dBm AGC input
Slope 0dB
Flatness ±0.75dB
RF Connector F Female
Output Impedance 75Ω
Output port number 1

Output stability in AGC range


RF Return Loss >16 dB
CNR >51dB @ -1dBm receiving
CSO ≥60dB
CTB ≥60dB
Power Supply 12 VDC
Power Consumption 4W
Dimension (L*W*H) 115*72*25mm
Weight 0.4KG
Operation Temp. -20 ~ +50℃
Storage Temp. -40 ~ +85℃


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