GPON-EPON OLT and ONU’s Abbreviation Descriptions

GPON-EPON OLT and ONU’s Abbreviation Descriptions

GPON-EPON Application Abbreviation

  There are lots abbreviation words in the daily GPONEPON OLT and ONT/ONU‘s solution, application and configuration. It would be a very good idea to collect all those common used professional descriptions,such as abbreviated form of a name in fiber optic or telecom, especially in GPON-EPON product area.

GPON FTTx functional entities

GPON FTTx functional entities

AB:Assured Bandwidth
AES: Advanced Encrypt System
AGC:Automatic Gain Control
AN:Access Network

BE:Best-offer Bandwidth

CBU: Cell Base Unit
CID: Consecutive Identical Digit

DBA: Dynamically Bandwidth Assignment/Allocation
DSLAM:Digital Subscribe Line Access Multiplexer

EFMA:Ethernet in the First Mile Alliance
EPON:Ethernet Passive Optical Network
EqD: Equalization Delay

FB:Fixed Bandwidth
FSAN:Full Service Access Networks
FTTB:Fiber to the Building
FTTC:Fiber to the Curb
FTTH:Fiber to the Home
FTTN:Fiber to the Network

GEM: G-PON Encapsulation Method
GPON: Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Network


JF:Jumbo Frames

MSAN: Multi-service Access Network
MDU(Multi Dwelling Unit)
MTU(Multi Tenant Unit)

NAB:Not-assured Bandwidth


OAM: Operation, Administration and Maintenance
OCMI:ONU Management and Control Interface.
OLT ( Optical Line Terminal)
ODN ( Optical Distribution Network)
ONU/ONT( Optical Network Unit/ Optical Network Terminal)

P2P:Point to Point
P2MP: Point to Multi-Point
PCBD: Physical Control Block Downstream
PON: Passive Optical Network
POS: Passive OpticalSplitter

RTD: Round Trip Delay

RTT:Round Trip Time

SFU: Single Family Unit
SBU: Single Business Unit
SNI:Service Node Interface

TDM:Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA:Time Division Multiple Access
T-CONT: Transmission Containers

UNI:User Network Interface

VoD: Video On Demand


WDM: wavelength division multiplexing


XDSL: the family of digital subscriber line technologies, such as ADSL,HDSL,SDSL,VDSL and RADSL etc. 


PON OLT and ONU’s Abbreviation Descriptions

PON OLT and ONU’s Abbreviation Descriptions

GPON-EPON Configruation Abbreviation:

oltid: OLT ID number
ontid: ONT ID number
svcid: Service ID number
is/IS; In Service
oos/OOS: Out Of Service
OOS-MA: Out-of-Service and Management
sn-scan: Serial Number Scan
sn-period: Serial Number Scan Period
ds-fec: Downstream Forward Error Correction
xcvr: Transceiver
descr: Descriptions
us-fec: Upstream Forward Error Correction
s-vid: Service VLAN ID
c-vid: Customer VLAN ID
r-vid: Translation VLAN ID
ubw: Upstream Bandwidth
dbw: Downstream Bandwidth
res: N:1 Residential
xcon: N:1 – Cross-Connect 

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