EDFA (Erbium-doped Optical Fiber Amplifer)

What is WDM EDFA?

  An erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is a device that amplifies an optical fiber signal (from CATV).  An WDM EDFA is used to integrated 1550nm CATV (optical signal) and 1490nm /1310nm data stream from the PON into single fiber transmission.



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  EDFA-1550W series high power single mode EDFA is characterized with low noise, high linearity. Build-in well-performed CWDM integrated 1490nm /1310nm data stream from the OLT and ONU into single fiber transmission through EDFA, reducing component count and improve system performance and reliability. 

  EDFA-1550W series adopts single mode pump, EDF and multi-pumps integration technique. Optimized for low noise, allow for clear transmission of video, voice and data signals. Its noise figure and reliability is much better than Double-clad Yb/Er Amplifiers. 

  • EDFA-1550WA: 1U chassis, total output power >1000mW, 8 uplink optical ports, for OLT+8 1550nm output optical port, multiply 1310/1490 data stream.
  • EDFA-1550WB: 2U chassis, total output power >4000mW, max. 32 uplink optical ports, for OLT+32 1550nm output optical port, multiply 1310/1490 data stream.
FOT EDFA Application Diagram

FOT EDFA Application Diagram


  • 1) Low noise, high performance.
  • 2) Total output power: 400~4000mW.
  • 3) 8~32 uplink optical ports, for OLT
  • 4) 8~32 1550nm output optical port, multiply 1310/1490 data stream
  • 5) Completed with RJ45 for SNMP. 

Technical Specification

Performance Index  Supplement
CATV Operation wavelength(nm)15401560
OLT pass wavelength(nm)1310/1490
1550nm pass wavelength loss(dB)0.81550nm
1310/1490nm pas W/L loss(dB)0.81310/1490nm
Wavelength isolation between 1490/1550nm(dB)40
CATV input power(dBm)03
Total output power(dBm)2737
Each port output power(dBm)1022
Number of output port832
Difference of each output power(dB)-0.50.5
Noise figure(dB)4.56.5
System CNR deterioration(dB)1Pin=6dBm
Polarization dependence gain(dB)0.4
Polarization mode dispersion(ps/nm)0.3
Pump power leakage(dBm)-30
Echo loss(dB)50
Optical ConnectorsSC/APC, LC/APC
SNMP interfaceRJ45
Power supply (220VAC)(V)100250Optional -48VDC
Power consume(W)50170
Work temp.( ℃ )-1065
Storage temp.( ℃ )-4080
Relative humidity(%)595
Size (W) × (D) × (H) (″)19 × 14.5 × 1.751U: EDFA-1550WA
19 × 14.5 × 1.752U: EDFA-1550WB

Product series

ModelTotal output powerNo. of out portsOutput power/portConnector
EDFA-1550W-26A-08≥26dBm(400mw)8≥15.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-27A-08≥27dBm(500mw)8≥16.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-28A-08≥28dBm(630mw)8≥17.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-29A-08≥29dBm(800mw)8≥18.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-30B-08≥30dBm(1000mw)8≥19.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-30B-1616≥15.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-31B-08≥31dBm(1260mW)8≥20.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-31B-1616≥16.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-32B-08≥32dBm(1580mW)8≥21.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-32B-1616≥17.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-33B-08≥33dBm(2000mW)8≥22.0dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-33B-1616≥18.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-34B-16≥34dBm(2510mW)16≥19.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-35B-16≥35dBm(3160mW)16≥20.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-36B-16≥36dBm(4000mW)16≥21.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC
EDFA-1550W-37B-16≥37dBm(5000mW)16≥22.5dBmSC/APC, LC/APC

EDFA Application

EDFA is an optical repeater device that is used to boost the intensity of optical signals being carried through a fiber optic communications system. An optical fiber is doped with the rare earth element erbium so that the glass fiber can absorb light at one frequency and emit light at another frequency.

EPON+EoC Combination Solution

EPON+EoC Combination Solution


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