FOT Lesson: Checking list of a Optical Fiber Tool Kit

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  A high quality fiber optic tool kit is mandatory “hand” for our fiber project staff. With different types of tools which is used during installation of fiber optic systems. It usually contains dozens of tool items, then how to check the list is our basic preparation work.

  Today, FOT blog is going show a full list for a Optical Fiber Tool Kit, let’s make TK26 as the example.

New arrival: Fiber Tool Kit TK 26

Fiber Tool Kit TK26

Fiber Tool Kit TK26

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Description quantity

  1. Tapeline *1
  2. Horizontal Stripper *1
  3. Strengthened Core Cutter *1
  4. Loose Tube Stripper *1
  5. Small Hacksaw *1
  6. Needle Point Pliers *1
  7. Straight Screwdriver *1
  8. Cross Screwdriver *1
  9. Straight Screwdriver *1
  10. Cross Screwdriver *1
  11. Screwdriver bit for Adjusting Cutter *1
  12. Alcohol Dispenser *1
  13. Pigtail Fiber Scissors *1
  14. Cutter *1
  15. 8 inch Pliers *1
  16. Brush for Cleaning air ball *1
  17. Clouser *1
  18. Acuate clamp *1
  19. Medium-sized Adjustable Spanner *1
  20. Marker *1
  21. Socket head Wrench *1
  22. Fiber Nipper *1
  23. Cotton Swab *1
  24. Tungsten Carbide Fiber Cutter *1
  25. Mini Socket head Wrench Groups *1
  26. Carrying Case *1

  Totally, there are 26 items as above list.

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