6 floor apartment PON+satellite TV signal complex fiber distribution system

  Sharing a actual PON+satellite TV network in 6 floor apartment architecture case sourced from our customers inquiry, which shows a typical apartment complex fiber distribution system, with Satellite TV, RF, internet, telephone application etc. Today, FOT Blog is collecting the content and data from our sales department to make a brief project design and related equipment list discussion.

6 floor apartment complex fiber distribution system network diagram

  Firstly, let’s thank our customers and friends a lot, who draw a very clear and professional network architecture diagram. Sharing the details explanation and words marked in the diagram above: Telco Internet VoIP and PSTN, satellite TV RF, multiple FO (Fiber Optic) signal combiner in apartment server room;
splitter type 1:8 splitter (first level), 1:8 splitter (second level) to showrooms, 1:16 splitter (second level) to offices, 1:32 splitter (second level) to apartments.

Our customers’ project requirement

  • I am implementing a fiber distribution system across a multi dwelling unit with 85 rooms comprising offices, showrooms and apartments.
  • I would want to distribute Satellite TV, RF, internet, telephone, VoIP across to the 85 ONTs in the apartment complex. Please see diagram attached.
  • Let me know which hardware components and price you can provide.

Here offer a technical solution from our team

To offer the Satellite TV, RF, internet, telephone in the fiber network, the equipment list is:

  1. SAT-IF & CATV Optical transmitter
  4. Splitter
  5. EPON ONU.
  6. WDM SAT-IF & CATV Optical receiver.

  If you read our blog posts before, you may find it quite similar to another application case posts in FOT Telecom blog. Yes, it is the “【Recommend】Equipment required in a CATV FTTH network”, if you’re interested in such type topics, welcome to visit our application solution series posts.

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