How to choose EPON Equipment(ii)

Card introduction

This chapter describes the cards function, interfaces, hardware and technical information of the EPON OLT equipment. It mainly includes the following contents.

Cards function list:

  •  SWA card
  •  EP4 card
  •  HUP card
  •  FAN card
  •  PWR card

Take FOT EPON OLT-8040F as example, trying to list all detail parameters of card equipment items-help to build a better structure & profile of EPON in your minds.

Card structure on OLT 8040F front

Card structure on OLT 8040F front

Fiber Optic Telecom Co.,Ltd(FOT)’s OLT-8040F sub frame has 19 slots:No.0~18 (0~15 in the middle,and 16~18 on the top). 

0、15PWRPower panel
7、8SWACore control panel
6、9HUPUplink panel
1~5、10~14EP4EPON interface panel
16、17、18FANHot-swappable fan

SWA cards
SWA is the core of the control card, the main function is to control and deal with broadband services. SWA communicate with the business board by the bandwidth GE/10GE bus interface,which in order to complete the configuration, management and control of OLT equipment.At the same time,it achieved system alarms, performance , information processing through in-band network management channel, the SWA via TCP/IP protocol management within the business card.
The SWA cards of the OLT in 7-8 business frame slot. One business frame with two SWA to achieve standby function.

EP4 cards
1-5,10-14 slots are used to insert EP4. EP4 is EPON(Ethernet Passive Optical Network) interface card,can achieve EPON integrated service access with ONU(optical network unit).

HUP cards
Each uplink interface can be used as in-band management interface to connect to the network and also can be used to cascade equipment. Hot-waappable, SFP slots, support the 4GE+1XG. The HUP located in 6,9slots of the business frame.

FAN cards
OLT-8040F has three hot-swappable fan cards, which located at  top 3 slots(No.16,17,18) as the picture above shown.

PWR cards
The PWR cards is hot-swappable, support 220V AC power supply/48V DC power supply dual input. Configured with two power supply card can support dual redundant power supply card hot backup. 0,15 slots are PWR ,which are locating the sides of sub frame;

Cards function list

NO.Component nameFull numberDescription
1Function sub-frame1OLT equipment chassis:(including 10 Gigabit switching back plane)
2SWA cards21 FE port,1 debug serial port,hot-swappable card, 10Gigabit non-blocking switching.
3EP4 cards10Hot-swappable 4-way PON cards, in line withIEEE802.3 2005 EPON standard, supprt for 20 km transmission distance.
4HUP cards2Hot-swappable uplink cards, SFP slots, support 4GE+1XG
5FAN cards3Hot-swappable FAN cards
6PWR cards2Hot-swappable power cards, support 220V AC power supply/48V DC power supply dual input.Configured with two power cards can support dual redundant power cards hot backup.

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