A guide to choose EPON/GPON equipment-Hardware


  Glad to share  our “A guide to choose EPON/GPON Equipment” series blogs one more time today.In previous posts, we introduced the how to choose GPON equipment at basic “specifications” idea, we also shared multiple posts for “how to choose epon equipment” in different subjects, eg: “EPON architecture and Key technologies/Card introduction/OLT parameter” etc… And now here we will follow this topic and discussion again, with some detail PON devices’ hardware parameters.

How to choose dream FTTH equipment?

How to choose dream FTTH equipment?

  Generally, when we purchase the telecom equipment, we will review its whole specification parameter first, then look at its hardware appearance, and then want to know more about its “heart”- software/application.

  In this post, we will share the EPON/GPON equipment hardware structure, such as appearance style, power supply, weight/volume, environment condition and etc.

Appearance structure

  There are various models of the EPON/GPON products, take the OLT/ONU equipment as examples.We can count those detail hardware parameters one by one:

Pizza box and Chassis

  There are pizza box and chassis EPON/GPON OLT.

Chassis and pizza OLT

Chassis and pizza OLT

Fixed PON Ports

  Generally, there are fixed 1/2/4/8 PON ports in EPON/GPON OLT.

Scalable PON Ports

  In chassis OLT, also called modularized OLT, the PON ports can be configured by adding PON ports service line card. The max PON ports can be up to 128.

Plastic and Metal

  As EPON/GPON ONU, there are plastic case and metal case. For outdoor used, there is waterproof enclosure.

Power supply

AV and DC

  In optical line terminal, there are 176~264V AC and -48V DC power supply to choose.

Hot-swappable and Redundant

  In some EPON/GPON OLT, there are 1+1 redundant power supply which support hot-swappable and hot backup.

  12V DC power adapter is much normal in optical network unit/terminal. 

EPON OLT portfolio

EPON OLT portfolio


  Most fixed PON port Pizza box EPON/GPON OLT is 1U rack height, which can be fixed in cabinet or  placed on operating platform. It’s small and light, easy to deliver and install, suitable for small project.

  Chassis OLT can be 2U, 2,5U, 4U,8U…or even up to 14U based on different design and volume. The modularized EPON/GPON is bigger and heavier, so it need to be careful when packed, deliver and install.

Envieronment condition


  In most projects, the EPON/GPON equipment is designed for indoor use, its operating temperature is -5~50℃.


  In some special projects, it can be designed to work in temperature  -40~+80℃.


  10-90% (non-condensed)

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