A guide to choose GPON Equipment

OAM Features

 OAM(Operation Administrator and Maintenance) system, is one of the most critical features to choose a telecom solution or product.A poor maintainability of the system brings a lot of troubles to our daily service application, system development and related business promotion…
 Therefore, FOT today is sharing another post of “A guide to choose GPON Equipment” series blogs: OAM Features. Those frequent questions below usually asked by our customers:

Q1:Which standard do your GPON Product compliant with?
 FOT GPON OLT & ONT are compliant with ITU-T G.984.1, 984.2, 984.3, 984.4, support multiple bitrate with the same protocol, including symmetrical speeds of 622 Mb/s, 1.25 Gb/s, and asymmetric 2.5 Gb/s in the downlink and 1.25 Gb/s in upstream.



Q2:Maximum distance and Maximum users?

  • Maximum range of 20 km, although the standard has been prepared to reach 60 km.
  • 64 users per optical fiber, although the system is prepared to support up to 128.

Q3:Regarding to the OAM issue, what benefits can your GPON solution offer?
 FOT GPON series offer OAM end to end solution, support for all services: voice (TDM, SONET and SDH both), Ethernet (10/100 BaseT), ATM,…

End to end OAM solution(GPON)

End to end OAM solution(GPON)

Q4:For end users ultra high bandwidth applications, how can your system handle this “traffic jam” problem?

 Lunckily, FOT GPON Solution have strong robust traffic management:

  • Per-flow QoS / Bandwidth control
  • IGMP Snooping and proxy for multicasting network
  • Up to 10K jumbo frame supported
  • 8 strict and weighted scheduling queues
  • IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation
  • High capacity packet switching with 32K MAC address table.
  • 4K VLAN and Q-in-Q
  • Ingress policing per service

Q5:What level of security do your GPON system support?
 FOT GPON solution can support protocol level security for the downlink due to the multicast nature of PON. Detail security features as following:

  1. 128 Bit- AES encryption 
  2. MAC limit per port 
  3. Packet limit by type of traffic (Broadcast/Multicast/DLF) 
  4. MAC Flood Guard 
  5. Port Flood Guard 
  6. Packet Blocking by traffic type (Broadcast, Multicast, DLF) 
  7. Packet filtering (L1 –L4) 
  8. ACLs  
GPON/EPON Multimedia application diagram

GPON/EPON Multimedia application diagram

Q6:In a word, how do you evaluate your GPON products OAM performance?
 Summary speaking, FOT GPON series support full list of ways to management, such as: CLI, Web GUI, Telnet, SNMP(v1,v2), SSH etc, detail as following:

  • CLI command
  • In-band/ Out-of-band Ethernet Httpd web-based
  • In-band/ Out-of-band Ethernet telnet
  • SNMP for NMS

Alarm Function:

  • Critical, Major, Minor relay contacts
  • Management Interface: 1 Ethernet Port (NMS) and1 Console RS232 port (RJ45 type).
  • Upgrade: Remote s/w upgrade via TFTP/FTP/HTTP.

That’s why we are offering an “Excellent Operation and Management” to our customers and end users.

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