A Professional Fiber Optic Equipment and FTTH Solution Supplier

A Professional Fiber Optic Equipment and FTTH Solution Supplier:

Fiber Optic Telecom Co. Ltd is dedicated to providing our valued clients with suitable fiber optic solution and fiber optic network equipments.

You will get valuable and stuitable FTTx solution suggestion based on your requirement, such as FTTH, FTTx+LAN, FTTx+EoC, P2P fiber network solution and etc.

When fixing your solution, you can find your wanted optical fiber network device, from Fiber Optic Telecom Co., Ltd, such as GEPON OLT, GEPON ONU, Fiber Optic Passive Component(PLC splitter/Fiber optic patch cord/Fiber optic adapter), FTTH CATV Optical Receivers, Ethernet over Coax(EoC master/EoC slave), IP Terminal(IP phone, IP camera) and etc.

If some of your project products do not fall into our Fiber Optic Equipment category range, you can ask for outsourcing from us.

Have any question? Get FREE assistance NOW! –>sales@fiberoptictel.com

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  1. Nếu như không lầm thì công ty Fpt chúng tôi đang sử dụng cáp này.
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