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 Fiber Optic Telecom Co. Ltd

Fiber Optic Telecom Co. Ltd is a value-added, reliable, professional Broadband and Radio access network equipment and service provider for all global broadband users.

Its main products include:

Fiber network solution: Pizza box and chassis EPON /GPON OLT, EPON /GPON ONU, PLC splitter, etc

HFC solution: EoC master /slave, jumper, FTTx CATV Optical Transmitter/Reciever, EDFA

Radio Access solution: Wireless video device

Traditional fixed access solution: DSLAM


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Reliable, Professional
We are always there providing what we can do for you.

Service first
Whether you are old or new clients, we will offer our most best service.

Excellent products
Quality is our heart to live long time.

ODM/OEM is available for your unique requirement.

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FOT’s Location

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Benefits our customers via Fiber Network (FTTH).

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