APG: Asia-Pacific direct submarine cable system

China-US submarine cable system (CUCN) has retired this month 

China-US submarine cable system (CUCN)

China-US submarine cable system (CUCN)

  12/19/2016, news from China Telecom, the 17 years old “China-US submarine cable system (CUCN)”, retired in Shanghai 16th this month.

  China Telecom, Japan’s KDD and NTT, the United States AT & T and MCI from 9 countries and regions, 40 operators a total investment of 1.1 billion US dollars in the submarine cable (US submarine cable system), which started to build in 1997and put into use in 1999.  US-China submarine cable system was a ring network, with nine landing points and a total length of about 30,000 km, providing 80G capacity equivalent to 100 million calls. The submarine cable was the largest capacity between the United States and East Asia, the most advanced technologically of the submarine cable at that time.  China Telecom said that in accordance with the design life of 25 years, the US-China submarine cable system can still serve 8 years more.

  However, with the progress of technology and new demands, the maintenance cost of the cable unit capacity is even higher than that of the new submarine optical cable system. Summary speaking, it is unsuitable to bear the important task of the communication trunk road between China and America any more. With the unanimous agreement of the China-US Submarine Cable Management Committee, the China-US submarine cable system will be withdrawn at the end of 2016.

What is APG? Asia-Pacific direct submarine cable system.

APG: Asia Pacific Gateway (submarine cable system)

APG: Asia Pacific Gateway (submarine cable system)

  At the same time, China Telecom also announced that the transmission capacity of 54T of the Asia-Pacific direct submarine cable system (APG) officially run at the same day, in Shanghai.  According to reports, the Asia-Pacific direct submarine cable system is a submarine cable in Southeast Asia, the system is about 10,900 km, a total of 11 landing stations build and connected by the China Telecom jointly 13 joint investment partners…

  After the Asia-Pacific direct submarine cable system put into operation, via connecting with other submarine cable combination, it can be accessible to North America, the Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe, Southeast Asia as a high-speed channel.  NEC announced all the construction of a large-capacity fiber optic submarine cable “Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG)” is finished.  APG has delivered to 13 international telecom operators in Asia. APG connects 11 locations, between Japan and Singapore.

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