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Sharing a actual CWDM project system design case

Sharing a actual CWDM project system design case

  • a set of 8-wave CWDM wavelength division system.
  • OTU: Optical Transform Unit .
  • 8-channel ordinary wavelength 850nm/1315nm optical signal.
  • standard CWDM wavelength optical signal .
  • DEMUX/MUX, Wavelength Division DeMultiplexing/Multiplexing.
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【Recommend】Solution and Equipment List Notes for fiber network project staffs (FOT original)

【Recommend】Solution and Equipment List Notes for fiber network project staffs (FOT original)

  • Equipment required in a basic FTTx network.
  • Equipment required in a CATV FTTH network.
  • IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution.
  • EoC-Ethernet over Coax + FTTH PON solution.
  • P2P: Your Another FTTH Solution.
  • More details in FOT original FTTx solution.
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VoD overlay FTTH RFoG in application

Learn about RFOG Optical Receiver in few minutes

  • RFOG Optical Node in a VoD overlay FTTx application.
  • Support universal HFC set-top box, cable modem & head-end equipment.
  • Pure CATV service scenario.
  • Optical AGC function (reach the positive RF level).
  • Compatible with DAVIC and DOCSIS.
  • RFoG provides several benefits over traditional network architecture.
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EDFA CATV FTTH Triple play equipment package

【Recommend】Equipment required in a CATV FTTH network

  • In existing CATV operator network or some telecom upgrading projects.
  • Make full use of the current coaxial cable network.
  • Pure CATV service scenario.
  • CATV and Ethernet over cable service application.
  • HFC CATV and Ethernet service Scenario.
  • Data+VoIP+CATV triple play scenario.
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Basic FTTx Application(With IMS/Softswitching/IP MAN description)

【Recommend】Equipments required in a basic FTTx network

  • FTTx service to apartment building: FTTH and FTTB.
  • Small &medium FTTx projects: test bed/lab environment/demo.
  • Basic Network: low cost and simple service providing.
  • 2/4/8PON ports EPON OLT.
  • PLC splitter and passive component.
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FTTH P2P point to point Fiber Solution

P2P: Your Another FTTH Solution

  • Easy to configure and plan.
  • Future proof.
  • Offers subscribers dedicated bandwidth.
  • For residential and business customers.
  • Flexible, combination of other topologies.
  • Long reach.
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