Basic FTTx Networks (OLT Connection)

Basic FTTx Application(With IMS/Softswitching/IP MAN description)

SIP Phone With IMS service(Basic FTTx Application)

 Basic FTTx Networks

OLT  uplink connection detail description

  What is FTTx Networks? How is the Internet/IMS/SoftSwitching, PSTN or ATM/FR/DDN integrated into FTTX solution? And what is the application difference  between FTTB/FTTO/FTTH solutions?

  All those question can be easily explained by the above “FOT Basic FTTx Application” solution picture. As we know, the answer should be focused on the key element in this application solution: OLT.

  OLT, also called an Optical Line Terminal, is a device which serves as the service provider endpoint of a passive optical network.

It provides two main functions:

  1. To perform conversion between the electrical signals used by the service provider’s equipment and the fiber optic passive component signals used by the passive optical network.
  2. To coordinate the multiplexing between the conversion devices on the other end of that network (called optical network terminals or optical network units).

  Various application providers, such as local Internet integrator, Telecom vendor, Cable/HFC operators or third party SI(Service Integrator), is offering those application service via GPON/EPON OLT:

  • Internet access.
  • TV.
  • Voice call/VoIP.
  • Multimedia service(eg.IMS video Call,Instant Message,Unified Communications etc).
  • Camera monitoring.
  • Triple play(data+VoIP+TV) service. 

  Obviously, among the FTTB/FTTO/FTTH solutions…, no matter which one you prefer to choose, there will be a suitable application service for you..


  • Internet/IMS/SoftSwitching,PSTN or ATM/FR/DDN integration.
  • EPON provides high upstream bandwidth.
  • High-end residences/villas/houses or apartments (FTTH).
  • Office or business (FTTO/FTTB).
  • Internet Access, Voice, Video Conferencing.

 FTTx Solution/Fiber Optic Equipment

  Fiber Optic Telecom (FOT) Co., Limited is a value-added system integrator and supplier of fiber optic network equipment, communication terminal products, such as EPON/GPON OLT/ONU, EoC, CATV receiver, Power line adapter, VDSL2 modem. The company specializes in providing various fiber network solutions based on clients’ unique needs.


  FOT GPON OLT/ONT series, which designed as residential gateway with VoIP, CATV and WiFi function to provide triple play services for fiber to the home network. GPON ONT product compliant with ITU-T G.984.1/2/3/4, with up to 2.5Gbps downstream and 1.25Gbps upstream. 


  An all-in-one access platform that provides integrated access, FOT EPON OLT Series helps simplify network architecture and enable seamless migration in FTTx network.

Passive Component/ODN

  With features like high access density, high reliability, easy maintenance and energy saving, the FOT Passive Component/ODN series helps reduce costs and enhance service provisioning efficiency.


  Fiber Optic Telecom’s EPON ONU optical network unite bases on mature Ethernet Passive Optic Network technology and complies with IEEE.802.3ah EPON standard.

RFoG CATV Optical Receiver

  FTTH CATV Optical Receiver is designed for PON FTTH broadband analog or digital RF/CATV services. Including various type of features,is suitable for different applications.

Home Gateway & IP Terminal 

  This Home Gateway/IP terminal series page included Wireless VoIP Home Gateway,IP Phone,IP Camera etc. With the help of IP Camera,we can easily build a perfect security and intelligent Monitoring System by one cable. IP Phone is offering us VoIP call,Voice/Video conference,IMS service,UC(Unified Communication) service,and ICT(Information and Communication Technology) ability ,making our life more Interesting,Exciting and Creative … 

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Bluetooth in communication and connection use

Bluetooth in communication and connection use

Bluetooth profiles   To use Bluetooth wireless technology, a device must be able to interpret certain Bluetooth profiles, which are definitions of possible applications and specify general behaviors that Bluetooth-enabled devices use to communicate with other Bluetooth devices. These profiles include settings to parameterize and to control

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GEPON/GPON Equipment Market Research 2017-2022 (brief)

GEPON/GPON Equipment Market Research 2017-2022 (brief)

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Show some excellent fiber optic work (local team)

Show some excellent fiber optic work (local team)

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Notes for FTTH Outside plant (OSP) installation (summary)

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New transmission network behind 5G: the introduction of 50GE’s innovation

New transmission network behind 5G: the introduction of 50GE's innovation

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FOT Lesson: FTTx Installation Guide (video)

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FOT Lessons: Optical Transport Network (OTN)

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Common fiber optic communication terms (in Chinese & English)

Common fiber optic communication terms (in Chinese & English)

光泵浦器件 Pump Lasers 光标 Cursor 光波长转换模块 Wavelength Conversion Modules 光波导分波器 optical waveguide router 光层交叉连接 Optical Layer Cross Connect OLXC 光传输 Optical transmission 光传输监控 Optical Transmission Supervision 光传输监控 Optical Transmission Supervision 光传输网 Optical Transmission Network OTN 光传输系统控制 Optical Transmission System Control 光导纤维束 Fiber Optics cluster 光导纤维束 Optical Fiber

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【Recommend】Equipment brief notes for “CATV + FTTH” triple play project staff (summary)

【Recommend】Equipment brief notes for "CATV + FTTH" triple play project staff (summary)

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FOT Lesson: What's the difference between RFID, NFC and BLE?

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