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FTTH PON and home automation solution

FTTH PON network and home automation

  • Home automation also called a smart home.
  • GPON, the representative FTTH PON network technology.
  • Smart meter support two-way communication between the meter and the central system.
  • Optical network unit (ONU) to provide broadband access to smart meter home automation system.
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FTTH PON splitting ratio and level

FTTH PON splitting ratio and level

  • Single Splitting solution usually used in crowded city center or town.
  • Two-level and Multi-level Splitting solution used in curb or village.
  • Perfect Splitting will easily maintain the ODN (optical distributed network) nodes, and save money.
  • eg.splitting ratio is 1:32, can receive qualified fiber optic signal in 20Km.
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FTTH Application via IMS System

IMS and FTTH, Smart Access Solution

  • Rich in soft-switch SIP application, like smart meter.
  • Stronger security for FTTH networks (like authentication).
  • intelligent existing and future multimedia services.
  • Smart and multimedia services solution and business model.
  • Win-Win solution for telecom operators and consumers.
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EPON+EoC Combination Solution

EoC-Ethernet over Coax + FTTH EPON/GPON solution

  • Traditional HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) solution.
  • Fiber to the building + LAN in home solution.
  • Fiber mixed with Copper,Competitive cost.
  • EoC master to combine the CATV and Ethernet signal.
  • Active/Passive EoC + FTTH EPON/GPON solution.
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Cable operators CATV FTTH triple play solution

【Recommend】Cable operators CATV FTTH triple play solution

  • Four Different CATV Application Scenarios in FTTH Solution.
  • Pure CATV service application.
  • CATV and Ethernet service application.
  • HFC CATV and Ethernet service application.
  • Ethernet+VoIP+CATV triple play FTTH application.
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IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

IP camera monitoring fiber optic network solution

  • FTTH Solution with IP camera monitoring application.
  • Intelligent IP Monitoring equipment location(Front-end solution).
  • HQ or Remote Operation Center(Back-end solution).
  • Various Application Scenario,based on demand.
  • FOT EPON ONU/MDU(1,2,4,8/16/24...Ports).
  • FOT ODN/PLC Splitter(1:4/1:8/1:16/1:32/1:64).
  • Customerization solution.
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