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Basic FTTx Networks

Basic FTTx Networks

  • Internet/IMS/SoftSwitching,PSTN or ATM/FR/DDN intergration.
  • EPON provides high upstream bandwidth.
  • High-end residences/villas/houses or apartments(FTTH).
  • Office or business(FTTO/FTTB).
  • Internet Access, Voice, Video Conferencing.
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GEPON OLT, ONU, ODN in FTTH CATV application

GEPON OLT, ONU, ODN in FTTH application

  • GEPON OLT, ONU, ODN in FTTH application.
  • Internet Access,Voice,CATV service.
  • VoIP, Video Conferencing,Multimedia service.
  • Basic structure:OLT,ODN and EPON ONU..
  • FTTH Field Trial & Deployment.
  • FTTH Application Scenarios:CATV,VoIP,Monitoring etc.
  • E-Home and E-Office Intelligent System
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