Arc Calibration and Operations of Fusion Splicing

Arc calibration brief training from FOT

   Fusion splicing, Arc calibration, Fiber diameter, Fiber laser, Specialty fibers

  The arc calibration method plays a critical role in assuring the quality of splices, in automatically selecting correct arc power, and in enabling the optimized splice parameters to be transferable to multiple splicers in production lines for achieving consistent splice results.

Brief splicing training video

5 steps of Operations of Splicing

Step1 Install optical-fiber heat shrinkable tube

Heat shrinkable tube installation

Heat shrinkable tube installation

  Install optical-fiber heat shrinkable tube onto the optical-fiber

Step2 Cleaving and cleaning of optical fibers

Cleaving and cleaning of optical fibers

Cleaving and cleaning of optical fibers

  Cleave the clad of optical fibers by 30-40mm using cleaver, then clean the optical fiber using yarn or soft cotton paper dipped with alcohol. Then wipe it once using clean cotton cloth, don’t wipe it for a second time using the same cotton cloth.
  Caution: please use the alcohol of higher than 99%.

Step3 Cleave optical fiber

Cleave optical fober

Cleave optical fober

  • (1) First make sure the sliding board installed with knives in the frontal end, then open big and small pressing board.
  • (2) Align the cladding edge of optical-fiber to appropriate scale of the gauge, then place the optical-fiber into guide groove, make sure the stripped optical fiber is straightly placed on rubber pad.
    FOT Fiber Cleaver clear photos

    FOT Fiber Cleaver clear photos

  • (3) Close the small pressing board and integrated pressing board, push the slide with knives to the other side, so as to cut off the optical-fiber.
  • (4) Open the integrated pressing board, while holding the optical-fiber with hands and opening small pressing board concurrently, remove the shredded optical fiber with fingers, move away the optical-fiber carefully, note prevent the section of optical-fiber contacting anything else.

Step4 Place optical-fiber

Place the fiber

Place the fiber

  • (1) Open storm shutter and pressing board.
  • (2) Place the ready optical fiber on V-groove, with the tip lying between the tip of electrode and the edge of V-groove.If the optical-fiber is bend, keep the bending part upward when you place the optical fiber. Please prevent the ready optical-fiber colliding with anything so as to ensure the quality of optical ends.
  • (3) Hold the optical-fiber with fingers, then close the pressing board and press the optical fiber. Make sure the optical fiber is placed at the bottom of V-groove. If the optical-fiber has been improperly placed, please place it again.
  • (4)Place another optical-fiber following the above procedures.
  • (5) Close storm shutter.

Step5 Splicing

  The optical-fiber end as shown in Figure (a) below is good for splicing, but the ends shown in Figures (b)~ (f) are defective, user should remake ends for these optical fiber. After inspecting the optical-fiber, align it in core-to-core or clad-to-clad manner, axial offset will appear.

Check if need resplicing

Check if need resplicing

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