CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter

Study Case: Satellite service in FTTH solution

FOT FCOT 2600S CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter

FOT FCOT 2600S CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter

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  As shown, FCOT-2600S RF Transmitter transmit 47~862MHz analogue CATV signal and 950~2600MHz SAT-IF signal into optical signal, thus to realize full transparent, high quality and long distance transmission. It can be compatible with any FTTx PON tech for integration of CATV. DVB-S and Internet multi-networks. 

CATV & Satellite FTTH Transmitter Study case

CATV & Satellite FTTH Transmitter Study case

  FOT FCOT-2600S is CATV & Satellite IF FTTH Optical Transmitter, which adopts JDSU, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi laser that featured as thermoelectric cooling DFB low noise, narrow linearity and continuous wave. It can be specified with standard ITU wavelength, DWDM tech to realize network upgrade and expansion which is also suitable for large area FTTH networks. 
  As is installed in standard 1U,19’’ rack, FCOT-2600S is equipped with completed APC, AGC, ATC control, excellent design for heat-dispersion which guarantees long time working and stable operation of the laser. RJ45 on the back panel offers network management function, support WEB browser and SNMP. The wide LCD displays all the parameters of the whole unit and fault diagnosis.


  • High quality: original system optimization control technology and RF pre-distortion technology ensure that the system can acquire the maximum CTB, CSO in the case of excellent CNR performance.
  • Flexibility: it can transmit 1~2 ways of SAT-IF signal separately or adding 1 ways CATV signal
  • Reliability: 19 “1U standard rack, built-in high-performance dual switching power supply, it can work in the backup at 85 ~ 265Vac City Network Voltage, MS-level automatic switching; chassis cooling automatic temperature control.
  • Intuitive: The panel LCD window displays the operating parameters.
  • The laser is the most expensive machine components, machine equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser.
  • Network type: Select All-piece status monitoring transponder guarantee to meet the national standard and be compatible with the SCTE HMS standard, it enables network management monitoring capabilities.
  • Pluggable power supply: Power supply hot and cold backup on back panel, support hot-plugable, easy to repair and maintain. .


Optical parameter  
Laser typeSee products overview
Optical wavelength1310, 1550±10nmspecified by user
Side mode Suppress Ratio≥45dBSMSR
Equivalent noise intensity ≤-145dB/HzRIN (20~2700MHz)
Optic modulation mode Internal Modulation
Optical output power1 ~ 10mW (1550nm)
1~26mW (1310nm)
Optic return loss≥50dB
Optical connector typeSC/APC, FC/APC specified by user
Optical fiber typeSingle Mode
CATV Parameter
Frequency range47~862MHz
Flatness ±0.75dB
RF input level77~83dBuV AGC control
Input impedance 75Ω
RF input return loss> 16dB
SAT-IF parameter
Frequency range950~2600MHz
Input level-40~-20dBmTotal input power
Flatness ±1.5dB
IMD -40dBc Total input power ≤-20 dBm
Optic return loss≥12dB
Flatness in band± 0.75dB
RF input impedance75Ω (50Ω option)
IF connector F-Female 75Ω
Transmit channels36CH
Power supplyAC 90~265V -48VDC option
Power consumption ≤50WSingle power supply
Network interfaceRJ45 (Ethernet 10/100Mb/s)Support WEB and SNMP
Operating temperature-0~50 ℃
Storage temperature-40~85 ℃
Relative humility 20%~85%
Size19’’× 14.5’’ × 1.75’’W*D*H

Front panel and back panel

Front panel and back panelFCOT 2600S CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter

Front panel and back panelFCOT 2600S CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter

Products Series

ModelWavelengthOutput power in mWOutput power in dBm
FCOT-2601S-131310nm ≥1≥0
FCOT-2602S -13DFB cooling laser≥2≥3
FCOT-2604S -13≥4≥6
FCOT-2606S -13≥6≥7.8
FCOT-2608S -13≥8≥9
FCOT-2610S -13≥10≥10
FCOT-2612S -13≥12≥10.8
FCOT-2614S -13≥14≥11.5
FCOT-2616S -13≥16≥12
FCOT-2618S -13≥18≥12.5
FCOT-2620S -13≥20≥13
FCOT-2622S -13≥22≥13.4
FCOT-2624S -13≥24≥13.8
FCOT-2626S -13≥26≥14.0
FCOT-2602S -151550nm ≥2≥3
FCOT-2604S -15DFB cooling laser≥4≥6
FCOT-2606S -15≥6≥7.8
FCOT-2608S -15≥8≥9
FCOT-2610S -15≥10≥10

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