Crazy Imagination on FTTH 2014

Crazy Imagination on FTTH 2014

“Which technology would replace ADSL?”

  Various answers come from different experts, as following:

“Fiber optical communication technologies, like FTTH PON.”

“Eventually, wireless everything!!”, “As started.. WiMax and go on..”

“Two options were predicted: FTTH with its advantages or Internet on the TV cable system.”


"Optic Internet" keyword monthly searches

“Optic Internet” keyword monthly searches 

  Conclusion, no matter in which telecom broadband development direction, fiber internet solution would be at least seized one of the positions. In this post, let’s try to take a crazy imagination on FTTH application, “over the top” in FTTH layers and market forecast analytics in 2014.

Potential Applications of Fiber Network

1). Smart Home System

Smart Home System

Smart Home System

  Remotely control & access every piece of home equipment from anywhere in the world at any time.–Pictures from Google.

2). Intelligent video interactive (remote)

Intelligent video interactive(remote)

Intelligent video interactive(remote)

  24×7 Home Surveillance from Anywhere, and make use of upstream bandwidth! –Pictures from Google.

3). Work from home, SOHO

Work from home, SOHO

Work from home, SOHO

  Telepresence, UC, ICT and other multimedia “office” solutions. –Pictures from Google.

“Over the top”: FTTH layers

  An FTTH network can comprise of a number of different layers: the passive infrastructure involving ducts, fibre, enclosures and other outside plants; the active network using electrical equipment; retail services, which provide internet connectivity and managed services, such as IPTV and not least, the end users. An additional layer can also be included: the content layer, located above the retail services layer and the end users. This can be exploited commercially by so-called “over the top” content providers. (-source:<FTTH_Business_Guide_2013>)

FTTH Network layers (soure: Alcatel-Lucent)

FTTH Network layers (soure: Alcatel-Lucent)

  As the OTT service is more and more hot in mobile internet area, may be we can learn something fresh idea from this “over the top” lesson. Why not?

Over the top modes in FTTH (soure: Alcatel-Lucent)

Over the top modes in FTTH (soure: Alcatel-Lucent)

FTTH market forecast in coming years

  Based on the pictures as following: -Source: Fiber-to-the-Home Council (2012)

What is exactly your imaginations? 

FTTH Market report in Feb 2012(Source:Fiber-to-the-Home Council)

FTTH Market report in Feb 2012(Source:Fiber-to-the-Home Council)

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