DIY FTTx projects design: Bandwidth Estimation

Two kinds of customers bandwidth calculation cases

  Bandwidth Requirements are very important when designing an FTTx PON solution and projects:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Bandwidth for each subscriber
  • Bandwidth Calculation
  • PON card number calculation (EPON or GPON solution?)
  • Distribution office and users situation
  • Reservation of bandwidth for updates if needed
Boost bandwidth for PON customers

Boost bandwidth for PON customers

  FOT blog currently is sharing two different bandwidth models: Residential and Business customers cases, for your reference when deal with your own FTTH projects and related fiber optic network jobs.

Residential customers: straightforward needs

  • How much streaming video is being accessed on a daily basis?
  • How many people are downloading music or streaming?
  • How many simultaneous users will be on at peak hours?
  • Are there multiple online gamers in the home?
  • Is VOIP service or similar being used?

  Different with business network bandwidth needs can get complex pretty quickly, residential customers have pretty straightforward needs:

  1. Regular internet browsing
  2. Social media
  3. Email & instant messaging
  4. Streaming video, music
  5. Online gaming (i.e. Xbox Live)
  6. Smartphone connectivity over Wi-Fi

  A 2-4 person family without heavy gamers or media streamers can get away with the 3-4Mbps connection level.
Otherwise, a 5-9Mbps or higher connection would be better.

Business Customers: bandwidth hungry

  SOHO, small businesses and offices represent a different kind of beast in comparison to residential internet customers, social media and streaming video are still bandwidth hogs:

FOT GEPON OLT and ONU in CATV Application (OK)

FOT GEPON OLT and ONU in CATV Application (OK)

  • Email (and lots of it)
  • Cloud services (hosted email, hosted accounting, hosted CRM, etc)
  • Online banking
  • Online research
  • VOIP in place of PBX phone systems
  • Downloading/uploading large files
  • Online backup

  How many “consumption” for total calculations? Let’s bring in some real world considerations for our FTTx PON projects:

Is VOIP in use at the office, and how many users are on it?
How much email is being sent & received per day per user?
Is cloud email like Google Apps being used?
Are other online cloud services used?
What is the office culture on streaming media usage like?
Is content filtering an option, or off the table?
Are any public facing web servers hosted internally?
Are social media outlets open for usage or banned?

How to calculate the Bandwidth Needed?

  The above items of interest all play key roles in how much bandwidth a company may require. Some experts provides us a simple way to calculate bandwidth needs in the form of:
  N x T = BN
  Numbers of users (x) Traffic estimate based on usage weight = Bandwidth Needed

bandwidth requirements for FTTx PON

bandwidth requirements for FTTx PON

Let’s say:
Light user: 50Kbps
Medium user: 80Kbps
Heavy user: 120 Kbps
  So for example, an office may have a mixture of users. This hypothetical company is comprised of 20 users. 5 heavy users who are the big whigs, 5 medium users who are the admin assistants and related positions. The remaining 10 users are light office workers who only use email. We would setup our estimate calculation in the following manner:
5 (heavy users) x 120 (Kbps usage weight) = 600Kbps
5 (medium users) x 80 (Kbps usage weight) = 400Kbps
10 (light users) x 50 (Kbps usage weight) = 500Kbps
Bandwidth Needed = 1500Kbps or 1.5Mbps

  So many factors could inflate bandwidth needs like the number of VOIP connections being used at a time to how many large emails are being sent and received in chunks of time.   And for those that want a simpler way to approach estimation of bandwidth, FOT recommend a tool “Network Bandwidth Calculator“, which can offer a simple calculator.

  Keep in mind that bandwidth estimation for customers is tough to perfect but becoming ever more so necessary. Just remember that, what your customers need is to settle on a happy medium of cost vs needs. Your job as the technician is to properly consult them on their needs and recommend quality, cost effective solutions.

Great thanks to Derrick Wlodarz and the related Bandwidth tools Authors.

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