EOC Master User Manual: hardware installation

EoC Master Installation Guide

EoC, Ethernet over copper, Ethernet over Cable, Ethernet over Coax

  “Ethernet over copper (also known as EoC) is a form of Ethernet in the first mile connection that uses twisted copper telephone wire. It uses the same RJ-45 jack connection that conventional Ethernet cables use. The physical layers used for Ethernet over copper are 2BASE-TL and 10PASS-TS.”

EoC hardware installation

EoC hardware installation

Environment requirement

  Please do not install the EOC master in such environment conditions:

  • High temperature
  • Susceptible to electromagnetic interference
  • Unstable voltage
  • And large vibration environment

Grounding requirement 

  All EoC functional modules should be in good grounding conditions, which is the basis of reliability and stability of devices.  Besides, the most important guarantee is to limit and reject the lightning arresting and interference. Therefore, the Ethernet over Cable (EoC) system must follow those rules:

Outdoor EoC (Ethernet over coax) portfolios

Outdoor EoC (Ethernet over coax) portfolios

  1. Coaxial cables’ outer conductor and isolation layer should keep proper electric conducting with the metal housing of device.
  2. Grounding conductor must adopt copper conductor in order to reduce high frequency impedance, and the grounding wire must be as thick and short as possible.
  3. Users should make sure the 2 ends of grounding wire well electric conducted and be antirust.
  4. It is prohibited to use any other device as part of grounding electric circuit
  5. The area of the conduction between grounding wire and device’s frame should be no less than 25mm2.

Installation Steps and Guides

  First, please prepare all tools and needed cables before a installation. By the way, the EOC (Ethernet over Cable/Coax) master can install in outdoor and indoor frame, splice box or even hang on the wall.

In EOC installation process, please ensure the power off (blackout) of the EOC master


Step 1: Catv signal input (RF)

  RF signal via coax cable with F connector to connect the EOC TV input.

Step 2: TCP/IP network data input

  Data signal via UDP-T to connect the ETH1 or ETH2 and upper ONU or optical media converter RJ 45 port.

Step 3:  CATV+Data mix Output

  RF+Data output signal via coax cable connect to downward network system.

Power cord connection

  When you finished the EOC master cable line connection and installation, please Plug in the power of the EOC master, and check the indicator is normal shine or not? Light on means work normal, light off means no power.

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