EoC Master User Manual: management system

EoC’s equipment management system

  A web network management system is embedded in EoC (Ethernet over copper, also called Ethernet over Cable, Ethernet over Coax) master, which can quick and conveniently manage the EoC slave CPEs or terminals.

EoC management system slave settings

EoC management system slave settings

EoC Web Browser management

  Before establishing a network connection, please make sure management computer have installed Ethernet card, and related NMS basic management setting are done:

Preparation: Computer’s Ethernet setting

  The EOC master of the default IP address is:, subnet mask is:

And the EOC master does not provide for the management function of computer automatically assign IP addresses, you need to manually set the IP address of the computer management. The computer’s subnet mast should be same as EoC master (

Log in EoC’s NMS (software)

EoC Web browser login

EoC Web browser login

  Run a Web browser, type “” in the browser address bar after Enter will pop-up as shown figure in the login dialog box, enter the user name and password, first login please enter the default administrator username: admin password: admin

System information preview

  System information records the current state of EOC Master devices, in this page you can:

  • Check the network host information: IP address, gateway, subnet mask, MAC address, the running time of equipment, etc.
  • Check the device information: manufacturers, equipment type, hardware and the software version number version number, the installation address, etc

IP Setting

  You can manually set EOC Master management IP address. Through this IP address, you can access the Web page. As shown in figure.

EoC master system information

EoC master system information

  1. Setting up the appropriate IP address, subnet mask, default gateway.
  2. Click < confirm >.
Explanation :
After modify management IP information, should reboot, the new configuration can take effect. Restart system , please use the new IP address to log in EOC Master Web page.

SNMP Setting

  You can choose to open or close the SNMP, change the SNMP community name and config trap node. About the SNMP community name, equipment only configured with the same group name to access specific management stations. The Trap is sent by EoC master to inform administer station that network status of the alarm message, as shown in figure:

EoC SNMP settings

EoC SNMP settings

Account management

  In this manual you can configure management login system of user permission, as shown in figure:

EoC account management

EoC account management

The default user name and password is unable to modify and delete.
Only allow you to add up 25 users.

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