EOC Master User Manual: structure

The external & internal structure

“1EoC module, 2 input/output outdoor EoC master, AR7400”

  FOT EoC-M701o is outdoor EoC master with 1EoC module and 2 input & 2 output outdoor EoC master.

  It works with EOC slave in Ethernet over coax network and provides layer-2 Ethernet Access to users through television coaxial cable and meanwhile without influence on the existing CATV signal transmission.

The external Structure

FOT EOC Master external Structure

FOT EOC Master external Structure

Top View

Top View of EoC-M701o

Top View of EoC-M701o

① Data input,PG9 waterproof

Back View

Back View of EoC-M701o

Back View of EoC-M701o

① F connector
② Baffle
③ Data input,PG9
④ 220V power input
⑤ Socket head cap screw

The left view

The left view EoC-M701o

The left view EoC-M701o

① TV+DATA output
② 220V power input
③ TVinput
④ Data input,PG9 waterproff

The right view

The right view EoC-M701o

The right view EoC-M701o

① TV Input
② TV+DATA output

The internal structure

Front view internal structure

Front view internal structure

① Console
② ETH1/2 upper link
③ Reset button
④ Indicator
⑤ TV input
⑥ TV+DATA output
⑦ RF out

EoC master’s Physical interface

PowerAC 220V/50Hz
F connectorTV input
F connectorTV+DATA output
PG9waterproff connector Data input



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