EPON Equipment FAQ

EPON Equipment FAQ


  There are always various questions before buying EPON equipment or after installation, Fiber Optic Telecom(FOT) collect the frequency questions and answers about EPON equipment, hope they can be help when you are choosing EPON equipment or using them.

  Now, let’s join this “EPON world” trip by the “FAQ” Flight. 

What’s your EPON ONU,OLT chipset?

  Fiber Optic Telecom(FOT) mainly use Broadcom, Qualcomm chipset, such as TK3715, QCA8821, BCM6828F, TK3721 and etc. 

EPON OLT portfolio

EPON OLT portfolio

Can your OLT/ONU work with other brand ONU/OLT?

  Fiber Optic Telecom(FOT) adopt international EPON standard IEEE802.3ah in designing and manufacturing EPON OLT/ONU. If the other brands EPON OLT/ONU manufacturer use the same standard, they can work together.

  However, some famous big manufacture might set some private protocol in the EPON OLT/ONU to barrier other company, then the IOT should be tested. 

What’s your EPON ONU Rx optical sensitivity level?

  The EPON ONU Rx optical sensitivity is -26.5dBm. 

What’s your EPON ONU Tx optical power level?

  The EPON ONU Tx optical power is 0~4dBm. 

FOT OLT-8040F-1


What’s your EPON OLT Rx sensitivity level?

  The EPON OLT Rx sensitivity is -30dBm. 

What’s your EPON OLT Tx power level?

  The EPON OLT Tx optical power is 2-7dBm. 

How many EPON ONU can your EPON OLT connect?

  The connected EPON ONU quantity depend on the EPON OLT PON ports quantity and splitter ratio.

  For example, 4PON port EPON OLT can connect 128pcs EPON ONU in 1:32 splitter ratio; If in 1:64 ratio, it can manage 256pcs EPON ONU. 

What splitter ratio should I use in your EPON OLT/ONU network? Can I use 1:64 splitter ratio?

  Whether EPON ONU can receive signal from EPON OLT is effected by factors such as transmission distance, splitter structure level, cable and connector loss, etc.

  So, to guarantee the subscriber bandwidth and network stability, we recommend 1:32 ratio in your EPON network within 20Km.

  If your EPON network distance is short, splitter level and transmission loss is small, you can also try 1:64 ratio. 

Can I buy ONU module only?

EPON OLT Packlist

EPON OLT Packlist

  Yes, you can. For some market,like Brazil, Argentina and etc, in order to reduce the import tax cost or freight cost,

  the custom prefer to buy the ONU module and match the case, box and power supply adapter in the local market.

  Or for some special projects, the ONU will be held in their enclosure, so we can provide ONU module to satisfy different customer’s unique requirement.

  Besides, Fiber Optic Telecom also provide ONU module ODM/OEM based on your special requirement.

  Today,from EPON product line,we pick up those typical inquiry questions as our brief OLT/ONU guide or instruction,which are selected  and filtered after fully communication between our FOT professional sales team and our skilled customers.

  So if you have a plan to choose EPON equipment or using them,welcome to visit here and share your precious,valuable ideas,thanks.


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  1. hi
    i am having wireless netowrk and intreste to sift it partially in epon
    can i use wireless between 2 onu’s.
    means i have layed 1 km fibre and connected one onu then i am connecting wireless raido and then again on another end of wireless can i continue gpon ??????

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your messages.
      Using wireless between 2 onu’s, which just like the wifi hot-pot application.
      Functionally speaking, it is OK.

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