【Recommend】Equipment brief notes for “CATV + FTTH” triple play project staff (summary)

“FOT Blog now is sharing a full equipment and accessory notes list (summary) for a FTTx project managers or engineers, who may be interested in this wide fiber network area.”

  How to define a TV and Internet data service today? We would answer like that “TV is a cloud solution, parts of Internet”. Not so professional but it can tell the relationship between TV service and Data service clearly.

Learn about cable TV systems: headend and modulator

Cable Television Network diagram

Cable Television Network diagram

  Cable TV is also known as “CATV” (community antenna television). In addition to bringing television programs to those millions of people throughout the world who are connected to a community antenna, cable TV will likely become a popular way to interact with the World Wide Web and other new forms of multimedia information and entertainment services.

Learn about CATV optical transmitter in few minutes

CATV and FTTH Transmitter Study case

CATV and FTTH Transmitter Study case

Optical Transmitters Hardware Knowledge

  • The most commonly used optical transmitters are semiconductor devices such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes.
  • For use in optical communications, semiconductor optical transmitters must be designed to be compact, efficient, and reliable, while operating in an optimal wavelength range, and directly modulated at high frequencies.
  • LED light transmission is also inefficient, with only about 1% of input power, or about 100 microwatts, eventually converted into launched power which has been coupled into the optical fiber.
  • LEDs have also been developed that use several quantum wells to emit light at different wavelengths over a broad spectrum, and are currently in use for local-area WDM (Wavelength-Division Multiplexing) networks.

Software Knowledge and Performance Features

  IMOT-1550P series 1550nm optical transmitter is a Power Supply pluggable optical transmitter. IMOT-1550x series devices adopt AOT, XT, JDUS, Fujitsu, MITSUBISHI DFB (Distributed Feed Back) low noise which contains thermoelectric refrigerator, continuous wave transmitter / wave laser. The key parts product knowledge and technical performance:

  • High capability DFB (Distributed Feed Back) lasers provides narrow spectral line, perfect linear performance and high output optical power.
  • Original system optimal control technology, RF driving amplifier and controlling circuit to make system getting optimal CTB, CSO and CNR indexes.
  • Laser is the most expensive machine components, machine equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, and the panel LCD window displays the operating parameters.

Learn about EDFA equipment in few minutes

What EDFA means? How does EDFA equipment work in a “FTTH PON + CATV” triple play network?

Role of EDFA in a triple play “CATV + FTTH” solution

  There is one saying: EDFA – the most popular optical amplifier in optical network communications.

role of EDFA in triple play CATV FTTH solution

  WDM EDFA used to combine CATV signal from optical transmitter with internet signal from OLT and output to single fiber.

EDFA product overview

  An Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is a device that amplifies an optical fiber signal (from CATV). An WDM EDFA is used to integrated 1550nm CATV (optical signal) and 1490nm /1310nm data stream from the PON into single fiber transmission.



Learn about PON Optical Amplifier in few minutes

Keywords: low noise, high performance; optical amplifier; CWDM; gain spectrum band; pump laser; RFoG

What is an optical amplifier?

  An optical amplifier is a device that amplifies an optical signal directly, without the need to first convert it to an electrical signal. An optical amplifier may be thought of as a laser without an optical cavity, or one in which feedback from the cavity is suppressed. Optical amplifiers are important in optical communication and laser physics. 

EDFA CATV FTTH Triple play equipment package

EDFA CATV FTTH Triple play equipment package

  There are several different physical mechanisms that can be used to amplify a light signal, which correspond to the major types of optical amplifiers. In doped fibre amplifiers and bulk lasers, stimulated emission in the amplifier’s gain medium causes amplification of incoming light. In semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), electron-hole recombination occurs. In Raman amplifiers, Raman scattering of incoming light with phonons in the lattice of the gain medium produces photons coherent with the incoming photons. Parametric amplifiers use parametric amplification.

Learn about Ethernet over coax (EoC) equipment in a few minutes

  It works with EOC slave in Ethernet over coax network and provides layer-2 Ethernet Access to users through television coaxial cable and meanwhile without influence on the existing CATV signal transmission.

The external Structure

FOT EOC Master external Structure

FOT EOC Master external Structure

The internal structure

Front view internal structure

Front view internal structure

① Console
② ETH1/2 upper link
③ Reset button
④ Indicator
⑤ TV input
⑥ TV+DATA output
⑦ RF out

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