【Recommend】Equipment required in a CATV FTTH network

  In some existing CATV operator network or some telecom upgrading projects (eg. in old buildings), to avoid destroying the building structure and make full use of the current coaxial cable network, cable operators usually adopt a FTTH PON+CATV network solution.

CATV FTTH Triple Play solution scenarios

CATV FTTH Triple Play solution scenarios

What is called “FTTH PON+CATV” network?

  One hand, Cable TV signal from optical transmitter. Other hand, data and VoIP signal from FTTH GEPON/GPON OLT uplink side. The two ways signals are combined in EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier), divided by PLC splitters, transmitted on single fiber and reach to the end user family. In some case the combination signals will reach to the CATV and Ethernet network system: EoC master and EoC slave (Optional). Then EoC slave terminal demodulate the Ethernet service and CATV service.

  • Pure CATV service scenario
  • CATV and Ethernet over cable service application
  • HFC CATV and Ethernet service Scenario
  • Data+VoIP+CATV triple play scenario
EDFA CATV FTTH Triple play equipment package

EDFA CATV FTTH Triple play equipment package

  FOT blog is sharing what is the basic fiber and cable television equipment package for a triple-play service in CATV FTTx projects:


  FOT Telecom now is offering Original Fiberhome OLT AN5516-04 Mini 2U GPON OLT, with 8~16 PON ports (1~2 GC8B), which is suitable for Small & Medium FTTH project. It compliant with ITU-TG.984.x GPON technology standard which with high bandwidth 2.5G/2.5G.

Fiberhome GPON OLT AN5516-04

Fiberhome GPON OLT AN5516-04


  • Mini carrier-class central office equipment
  • Switch card capacity 488G
  • Backplane bus capacity 800G
  • Support 16 PON Ports
  • Common platform for EPON/GPON/10G PON/P2P
  • Common software and interface card sharing with Fiberhome equipment etc.


Optical Transmitter

  FOT FCOT-2600S is CATV & Satellite IF FTTH Optical Transmitter. RF Transmitter transmit 47~862MHz analogue CATV signal and 950~2600MHz SAT-IF signal into optical signal, thus to realize full transparent, high quality and long distance transmission. It can be compatible with any FTTx PON tech for integration of CATV. DVB-S and Internet multi-networks. 

FOT FCOT 2600S CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter

FOT FCOT 2600S CATV satellite FTTH Optical Transmitter


  • High quality: original system optimization control technology and RF pre-distortion technology ensure that the system can acquire the maximum CTB, CSO in the case of excellent CNR performance.
  • Flexibility: it can transmit 1~2 ways of SAT-IF signal separately or adding 1 ways CATV signal
  • Reliability: 19 “1U standard rack, built-in high-performance dual switching power supply, etc.


  An Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is a device that amplifies an optical fiber signal (from CATV).  An WDM EDFA is used to integrated 1550nm CATV (optical signal) and 1490nm /1310nm data stream from the PON into single fiber transmission. 




  1. Multi-mode high power pump laser, output power optimized by software, excellent system CNR.
  2. Built-in high-performance switching power supply, works at 85~265VAC. DC48V power supply optional (reservations required); Chassis cooling automatic temperature control Mechanical cooler (Dual fans) on back panel.
  3. Microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, and the panel LCD window displays the operating parameters.
  4. Network management monitoring. 

PLC splitter

  PLC splitter is a kind of power splitter based on the integrated quartz base plate with small size, wide operating wavelength range, high reliability, and good uniformity so on, especially suitable for passive optical network (EPON, BPON, GPON, etc.) to connect the central office and terminal equipment for achieving the branching of the optical signal. 

FTTH CATV optical receiver

  FOT FCOR-2600WD is a Broadband CATV & SAT-IF Optical Receiver integrated 1310/1490/1550nm CWDM, CATV working within 47~862MHz, SAT-IF working with 950~2600MHz bandwidth, output level Vo=85dBμV (Pin=0dBm), suitable for FTTH optical fiber access network, which is a low power consumption, high performance, and excellent cost performance RFTV broadcast network ONU (Optical network unit). 

FOT FCOR 2600WD Receiver

FOT FCOR 2600WD Receiver


  • Built-in CWDM, TV operating in 1550nm wavelength
  • Extra-low noise (3.8% modulate,-10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45dB).
  • Good linearity index when receiving optical power in the range of -8~+1dBm.
  • RF output level adjustable.
  • Compact design.
  • Good heat dissipation.
  • Low power consumption etc.

EoC master and EoC slave (optional)

  Ethernet over Coax Series, including EoC master and EoC slave terminal, which is a family of technologies that supports the transmission of Ethernet frames over coaxial cable.

Triple-play service ONU terminal

  FOT GONT-421GW is 4GE+2FXS+CATV+WiFi GPON home gateway unit (HGU)  , which support NAT, Firewall function and used to provide triple play service to FTTH subscribers.  It provides high-speed data, voice and video service to the users in fiber to the home network (FTTH). 




  • Broadcom chipset, plug and play
  • Integrated TR069 remote configuration and maintenance function
  • Support rich QinQ VLAN, DHCP Server/Relay and IGMP/MLD snooping multicast feature
  • Support IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack, etc.

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