Ethernet over Coax-EoC and EPON

FTTH EPON+EoC Solution

FOT EPON+EoC solution

FOT EPON+EoC solution

EoC Brief introduction

 Ethernet over COAX (EoC), same as its literal meaning, is Ethernet data transmitted via coaxial cable. EoC comes from coaxial cable transmission technology of some European manufacturers. The original Ethernet signal frame format remains to today. The earliest EOC is passive EOC or baseband EOC, now all kinds of technology that transmits data over cable are called EOC.

EoC (Ethernet over coax) slave portfolios

EoC (Ethernet over coax) slave portfolios

Baseband and modulation transmission

 There are two types of EoC applications: baseband transmission and modulation transmission, which can be subdivided into a number of specific standard / non-standard technologies.

EoC+EPON Application

 As the triple play solution is approaching in various countries, more and more popular use existing coaxial cable (from Cable Television or CATV), to carry broadband data into and through the home, and into Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) installations.

 In the cable television network Bi-Directional transformation solution, there are several choices to achieve:

  • First, traditional HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) solution;
  • Second, fiber to the building + LAN in home solution.
  • Besides, a new solution that EPON (or GePON) + EoC (Ethernet over Coax ) technical solutions is attracting more and more attentions.
FTTH EPON EoC solution

Ethernet over Coax- EoC and EPON solution

 Showing as the above “FTTH EPON EoC solution” ,there are three different applications scenes: 

  1. In the first EPON+LAN solution, CATV signal transmitted via optical fiber network from bone network to residential building, and switch to coaxial cable network through the optical receiver. At the other side, the EPON ONU locate in the residential building is used to received Ethernet signal coming from EPON OLT. In this solution, there are two cable entering home: LAN cable and coaxial cable. 
  2. The second is EPON+ Passive EoC solution, CATV and Ethernet signal are combined in the EoC combiner and split to each home. And they are separated by EoC terminal with LAN port and CATV port. 
  3. The third is EPON+ Active EoC solution, which use EoC master in the building to combine and mange CATV and Ethernet signal. EoC slave in home receive the combined signal from EoC master and output the CATV and Ethernet separately.

 The second and third solution use EoC combiner or EoC master to combine the CATV and Ethernet signal, so there is only one cable entering home: coaxial cable. Transmitting cable television and two-way data signal on the same coaxial cable will greatly simplify the HFC network bi-directional transformation.

 After this basic introduction of Ethernet over Coax together with EPON in the daily FTTH and telecom application, hope that our readers have a better idea in this area.

 Anyway, FOT FTTH Blog will keep publishing out FTTH, CATV, EoC series and related posts in every week, please keep following, thanks.

Outdoor EoC (Ethernet over coax) portfolios

Outdoor EoC (Ethernet over coax) portfolios

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