FOT and Passive Optical LAN Solution


 If an architecture that cuts your project budget by 50%(50% CapEx reduction), would you be interested?
 Or if the same architecture could save you 75% OpEx at a little long term, does this sound intriguing?
 Today, let’s try to find out the answer.

Passive Optical LAN Solution

FOT Passive Optical LAN Solution

FOT Passive Optical LAN Solution

 If you are seeking to evolve your wired enterprise network to increase security, simplify network management and deliver savings.
It’s time to take a closer look at the new passive optical LAN architectures from Fiber Optic Telecom(FOT) Co. Ltd.

 As we know, many companies are looking for possibility for all network construction. Companies that are trying to simplify their networks and more capabilities for the users, while reducing things like powers, space, cooling that happened in the building designs.They can all benefit from FOT’s passive optical solutions.

Easily designed and deployed
 By design, the passive optical LAN network building block is much larger than traditional networking.The building block for passive optical LAN measures fifteen miles, in contrast to a traditional networks three hundred feet.

Modern building block

Modern building block

 Enterprise networks in high-rise buildings, large office parks or campus environment, require replicating multiple access layer switches and multiple distribution switches.
 With the passive optical LAN, the network requires only one piece of equipment(NMS) to manage an entire building or enterprise, campus.

 FOT has introduced passive optical LAN solutions that are designed and deployed to simplify the network, by reducing the number of overall active components and creating an architecture that is easy to deploy management and maintenance.Allowing strained IT resources to focus on growing their business without growing their network complexity.

Highly scalable
 With the LAN quick connect optics, the enterprise network can easily establish service, by linking directly to the subscriber and workgroup terminal, via passive optical LAN.Once the passive optical is in place, the subscriber workgroup terminal is deploying using quick connect optics, and service is established.
 The FOT passive optical solution is highly scalable, and can easily support small medium or large enterprise networks and campus applications.

Guaranteed delivery
 Whether a company is upgrading an existing LAN network or is building a new location for the enterprise, passive optical LAN networking offers guaranteed delivery of data from all end points and true quality of service(QoS).

Introduction: Fiber Optic Telecom(FOT) Co. Ltd

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FOT Passive Optical LAN Product

FOT Passive Optical LAN Product

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