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 Fiber Optic Telecom (FOT) – your full fiber broadband partner. Try free FTTH solution!

What is FOT?

 FOT(Fiber Optic Telecom Co. Ltd) is a value-added, reliable, professional Fiber Optical access network equipment and service provider for all global broadband users.

 【Our Goal】Benefits our customers via Fiber Network (FTTH).

Who is FOT

Who is FOT

What FOT do?

1) Fiber.

 Your valued-add Fiber broadband and FTTH partner. Product includes: Pizza box and chassis EPON /GPON OLT, EPON /GPON ONU, widely covers Fiber Cables, EPON/10G-EPON, GPON/10GPON and WDM PON SFP modules etc. 

2) Optic.

what we(FOT) do

what we(FOT) do

 As the one-stop Fiber Optics network and service supplier, FOT is offering full series of Optical Passive Component, ODN optical distributed network equipment, Optoelectronic instrument(OTDR, OPM, OFI…),  Plastic optical fiber (POF) adapters etc. 

3) Telecom.

 FOT’s team, with 10 years of professional experience in the telecommunications area, serving all global broadband users.  Product includes: Home Gateway & IP Terminals,Wireless Broadband solution, HFC/CATV/Ethernet over Coax(EoC), EoC master /slave, jumper, FTTx CATV Optical Transmitter/Reciever, EDFA etc. 

FOT company and professional team

FOT company and professional team

How about FOT?

  1. Professional FTTH supplier.
  2. Value-added solution provider.
  3. Customized service consultant.
  4. Your reliable, stable partner.
FOT FTTH solution service

FOT FTTH solution service

 Summary speaking, FOT – Your realible, customized Fiber Optic Telecom service consultant.

Where is FOT?

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Contact us:

Website: www.fiberoptictel.com

Fiber Optic Telecom -> FiberOpticTel.com

Email: sales@fiberoptictel.com
SKYPE: fiberoptictelecom
Tel:+86-20-6622 6784

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