EDFA-1550RF RF+ Optical input EDFA

EDFA with RF + 1550nm Optical input


  FOT EDFA-1550RF series is 1550nm RF + 1550nm Optical input Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier, which is specially designed for the insertion of the local program, it adopts WDM technology to combine 1550nm internal modulation optical transmitter and EDFA, which will avoid the interfere of local channels and main channel, the inserted channels can reach more than 10 analog and 30 digital channels.

RF + 1550nm Optical input Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier

RF + 1550nm Optical input Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier

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  In the interior of the machine is equipped with the output optical power stability circuit and laser thermoelectric cooling device, temperature stability control circuit to ensure optimal machine performance and long-life laser stability. The microprocessor software monitor the lasers’ working state, the VFD screen displays the operating parameters. Once the laser operating parameters deviate from the permissible range set by the software, micro-processing will automatically turn off laser power, red light goes on to warn, digital panel prompts cause of troubles.


  • RF-input: Transmitter part adopts DFB laser such as JDSU, Lucent or Fujitsu.
  • High quality: The former-class pump common utilizes 980nm, after-class pump utilizes 1480nm, power is legitimately optimized by software to minimize the NF of the EDFA, could be comparable with the so-called low-power optical amplifier. It can make the system to obtain superior CNR.
  • Reliability: The 19 “1U standard rack, built-in high-performance switching power supply, it can work at 85~265Vac City Network Voltage, As well as an optional DC48V power supply (reservations required); chassis cooling automatic temperature control. Mechanical cooler (heat sink) on one side of the chassis helps to make heat dispersion thus to protect the pump laser.
  • Intuitive: The laser is the most expensive machine components, machine equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, the panel LCD window displays the operating parameters

  Network type: Select all piece status monitoring transponder guarantee to meet the national standard and be compatible with the SCTE HMS standard, it enable network management monitoring capabilities.

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