EMOT-1550H Hight class Standard External Modulation Optical Transmitter

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1550nm High Class External Modulation Optical Transmitter

  FOT EMOT-1550H series high class external modulation optical transmitter is narrow output signal spectral line for long-distance transmission. The main components use DFB low-noise, narrow line-width, continuous-wave lasers with thermoelectric cooling device. It can provide high-quality images, digital or compressed digital signal long-distance transmission for cable operator.


  • High quality: original system optimization control technology and RF pre-distortion technology to ensure the max CTB, CSO, and SBS targets in the case of excellent performance CNR.
  • Flexibility: By excellent system CSO, the phase modulation technology of external modulator maximize the optical power into the fiber in order to obtain long-distance transmission, and the adjustable SBS threshold,13,16,18, make it suitable for different network transmission.
  • Reliability: 19″ 1U standard rack, built-in high-performance dual power supply, which can work at 85 ~ 265Vac, MS-level automatic switching; chassis cooling automatic temperature control.
  • Intuitive: Adopt microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, and operating parameters are displayed on the LCD panel.
  • Web, SNMP network management.


Laser typeDFB laser
Optical ModulationExternal modulation
Optical output power2*7, 2*8, 2*10 dBm
SBS threshold16.5, (13,16,19optional)
Optical ConnectorSC/APC or FC/APC
Frequency range47~750(862MHz)
RF input level78~88 dBuV(AGC automatic control)
C/CTB≥65.0 dB
C/CSO≥65.0 dB
RF input impedance75Ω
RF Input Return Loss>16 dB (47~550) MHz
>14 dB [55~750(862) MHz
Voltage90~265VAC (-48VDC optional)
Power consumption≤50W
Working Temperature0~50 °C
Storage temperature-20~85 °C
Relative humidity20%~85%
Network managementWeb, SNMP

1) In the condition of stipulated link-loss, configured in 59 PAL-D analog television channel signals within 550MHz frequency, in the range of 550MHz ~ 750 (862) MHz frequency transmit digital modulation signals, digital modulation signal level ( in 8MHz bandwidth) is 10dB lower than the analog signal carrier level, when the optical input power is 0dBm, you can measure the carrier combination triple beat ratio (C / CTB), carrier combination of second-order beat ratio (C/CSO) and the carrier to noise ratio (C/CNR)
2) Fiber: 50KM+EDFA

Model series

Model1550nm High class External Modulation Optical Transmitter, SBS=13/16/18, CNR≥52.5dB
EMOT-1550-H-2*72*outputs, Optical power≥7dBm
EMOT-1550-H-2*92*outputs, Optical power≥9dBm
EMOT-1550-H-2*102*outputs, Optical power≥10dBm

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