EMOT-1550S 1550nm Standard External Modulation Optical Transmitter

1550nm Standard External Modulation Optical Transmitter

  FOT EMOT-1550S series is a Standard type of high-performance 1550nm external modulation optical transmitter. It is especially designed for small or middle-size TV stations, CNR ≥51.50dB when tested in 59CH PAL/D, SBS set at 18dBm, point to point 50km fiber. Mounted in standard 1U, 19’’ chassis, the output signal spectral lines is narrow, more advantages in the long-distance transmission.
Key components adopt DFB low-noise, narrow line-width, continuous-wave lasers with thermoelectric cooling device made in JDSU, Fujitsu, MITSUBISHI and AVANEX CATV high linearity external modulator. It can provide high-quality images, digital or compressed digital signal long-distance transmission for cable television and telephone communications.


  • Original system optimization control technology and RF pre-distortion technology to ensure the system can acquire the maximum CTB, CSO, and SBS targets.
  • In ensuring the high performance system CSO, the phase modulation technology of external modulator maximize the optical power into the fiber in order to obtain long-distance transmission, and the field adjustable SBS threshold 13,16,18, may apply a different network transmission.
  • 19 “1U standard rack, built-in high-performance switching power supply, which work at 85~ 265VAC MS level automatic switch, chassis cooling can be automatic control by temperature.
  • Machine equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, the panel LCD window displays the operating parameters.
  • Network management: RS232 port for local management and monitoring, RJ45 port for remote control and management.

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