PON, CATV & SAT-IF FTTH WDM Optic Receiver


  FOT FCOR-2600WD is a Broadband CATV & SAT-IF Optical Receiver integrated 1310/1490/1550nm CWDM, CATV working within 47~862MHz, SAT-IF working with 950~2600MHz bandwidth, output level Vo=85dBμV (Pin=0dBm), suitable for FTTH optical fiber access network, which is a low power consumption, high performance, and excellent cost performance RFTV broadcast network ONU (Optical network unit).

FOT FCOR 2600WD Receiver

FOT FCOR 2600WD Receiver

  It adopts high sensitivity receiving tube and special low noise matching circuit. Under 3.8% modulation, when transmitting in full channels, CNR can still reach high index of 45dB at -8dBm receiving.


  • Built-in CWDM, TV operating in 1550nm wavelength
  • Extra-low noise (3.8% modulate,-10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45dB).
  • Good linearity index when receiving optical power in the range of -8~+1dBm.
  • RF output level adjustable.
  • Compact design.
  • Good heat dissipation.
  • Low power consumption


Optical parameter  
Working wavelength1550nm
Optical power input-9~0dBm
Optic return loss≥45dB
Optical connector typeLC/APC or SC/APCSpecified by user
RF parameter
Bandwidth 47~862MHz
Single level of channel input77~83dBuVAGC control
Output impedance75Ω
Output return impedance>16db
RF output level75~95 dBμ
SAT-IF parameter
Frequency range950~2600MHz
Output level-50~-30dBmTotal output level
Flatness ±1.5dB
IMD-40dBcTotal input power≤ - 20dBm
Output impedance75Ω
Output return impedance>12db
Power supply12VDC
Power consumption ≤10W
Operating temperature-0~50 ℃
Storage temperature-20~85 ℃
Relative humility 20%~85%
Size125 mm x 90 mm x 28 mmW*D*H

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