FS-800H Fusion Splicer

Digital Fusion Splicer

FS-800H new design Fusion Splicer

FS-800H Fusion Splicer

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  FOT FS-800H Fusion Splicer use new design, small size, light weight, and more convenient. Perfect protection and parameter compensation design make this device widely used even in the bad environment can obtain low loss in optical fiber.


Applicable fibersSM (ITU-T G.652), MM (ITU-T G.651), DS (ITU-T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T G.655) 
Average splice loss0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS)
Return loss60dB
Operating modeautomatic, semi-automatic
Splicing timeTypical 9 sec, with standard SM fiber
Heating timeTypical 28sec
Fiber aligning methodCore aligning
Fiber diameterCoating diameter 80~150μm;Coating diameter 100~1000μm
Fiber cleaved length10 ~16mm (Coating diameter<250µm);16mm(Coating diameter250~1000µm)
Lens magnificationVertical double display: 310x; horizontal double display, 155x
Monitor5.1 inch, 640*480 TFT color monitor
Tension test2N
Applicable sleeves60mm, 40mm and a series of micro sleeves
Battery capacityTypical: 250 times of splice, it takes 3.0 hours to fully charge it (the machine is operable during charging process)
Battery lifeTypical 300-500 cycles(splice and heat)
Power indicatorScreen display accurate remaining power
Electrode lifeTypical 5000times,customer can change electrode by himself
Construction and illuminationBuilt-in high brightness, wide range of lighting, greatly convenient operation at night
TerminalUSB 1.1, software upgrade via USB interface
Power supplyLi-battery 11.8V, AC100-240V, DC12.6V/5.0A
Work environment0 ~ 5000m above sea level, 0 ~ 95%RH and -10~50oCC, respectively, Max. wind velocity of 15m/s
Weight1.8kg(no battery),2.1kg(battery)

Main features:

  • Small size, light weight, fast
  • Single X or Y view and X & Y view simultaneously
  • Auto detect cleaved end face fault
  • Short heating time, improve work efficiency
  • Can store 1000 set of splicing records
  • Windproof, dustproof design
  • Optional lithium batteries
  • Tension test
  • Display optical fiber cutting and offset Angle
  • Automatic detection cutting quality of the optical fiber end face

Fiber fusion splicing skill tips:

Step 1, Stripping the fiber

Step 2, Cleaning the fiber

Step 3, Cleaving the fiber

Step 4, Splicing the fibers

-More fusion splicer skills, check our blog post and video here: “Learn about fiber fusion splicing skill via three videos

Accessories and Package

FS-800H and the Accessories

FS-800H and the Accessories

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