FOT lesson: PON technology features & advantages

  I remember someone have said a similar sentence “PON Technology may be the most popular for building last-mile networks in the world in the future”.

PON solution features

Two main PON network infrastructure:

  • FTTB
  • FTTH

PON is usually offering following service:

  • Internet
  • Full HD IPTV
  • CATV
  • OTT/VoD
  • Phone/VoIP
  • Wi-Fi
    FTTH P2MP_PON fiber solution

    FTTH P2MP_PON fiber solution

Advantages of PON solution to deploy

High bandwidth in data rate

  • N x 1G/2.5G (access)
  • N x 10G/40G (transport, data center)

Advantages of PON solution deployment:  

  • Universal network infrastructure for carrying out modern services
  • Passive nodes between central office and user nodes (no need to install,power and maintain additional devices)
  • High reliability (connecting, disconnecting or malfunction of one or several user nodes does not affect the rest)
  • Perfect network scalability, splitters can be cascaded.
  • No 100-meter limit between user and switch, common to copper cable structures
  • Wide range of user devices
  • Convenient tools for a service provider to manage the entire network–the unified monitoring, management and control system (usually called EMS).

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