FOT Lesson: Site preparation during PON equipment installation

Environmental Requirements and Installation details

Environmental Requirements

  The ONT ambient temperature should not exceed 45° C and a relative humidity ranging from 5% to 95%.

Installation Location

  The ONT should be located within 2 meters of the closest electrical point and within reach of the fiber termination point.

Installation Options (application dependent)

Case 1: With PoE (Power on Ethernet) supply or Ready for PoE units
  When installed with a PoE accessary or in preparation for a PoE to be added to the installation, the ONT must be installed on a wall with the connector side face down such that the cables leave the unit from the lower side. Wall installation is recommended for all applications.
Case 2: No PoE
  If no PoE is used, the ONT could also be installed flat on a desk or on the underside of a table. However, for this type of installation, special care must be taken to ensure that the ONT is fixed in place and that the fiber is protected.

This is not the recommended installation procedure.

Power Requirements

  The ONT is shipped with a universal power adaptor. However, before installation, check if the AC power input matches the specification printed on the power adaptor (input voltage, current, etc.)

CAUTION: Please use the power adaptor within the package only, or the replacement unit that provided by manfacturer. Other power adaptor may cause damage to the ONT.

Wall or Table-Top Mounting

  The ONT could be optionally installed with the cables, leaving the ONT in the downward direction. The placement of the ONT should leave at least suitable distance (cm) of free space below the ONT for cables to exit with an adequate bend radius. Two centimeters should be left free on all sides of the unit to allow ventilation.

wall installation ONT Mounting

wall installation ONT Mounting

  On the wall, draw a horizontal line suitable distance from the top of where the ONT is to be placed.
  On the line that you have drawn, mark two holes as shown in figure above showing how the ONT is to be mounted and drill 2 holes for 3.5 x30 mm screws.
  Fix the two mounting screw in place and slide the ONT onto the mounting screws until it is locked in place.

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