FOT Lesson: Telecom/Communication engineering project management

  “Simply put, the telecom/communication construction project is the construction of communication system network and equipment construction, including the erection or laying of communication line optical (electric) cables, the installation and commissioning of communication equipment, and the construction of communication auxiliary facilities.”

Telecom/Communication engineering project division

Engineering classification standard

  According to the type of project or the amount of investment, communication construction projects can be divided into i type of engineering, ii types of engineering, iii types of engineering and iv types of engineering. Each type of project has strict regulations on the design unit and the construction enterprise level, and it is not allowed to undertake high-level projects for units or enterprises with low levels. Please refer to the local relevant policies for specific classification criteria.

Single telecom project division details

  A single project refers to a project that has a separate design document and can independently exert production capacity or benefits after completion, and is an integral part of the construction project. The individual projects of industrial construction projects generally refer to the workshops or production lines that can produce the main products that meet the design requirements; the individual projects of non-industrial construction projects generally refer to independent projects that can exert the main benefits of the design regulations, such as teaching buildings and books. Pavilion and so on. The general (pre-) calculation of the communication construction project shall be prepared according to the individual project. The communication construction single project is divided into the following table:

Telecom Professional CategorySingle project nameRemarks
Telecom Communication line engineeringXXX light, cable line engineeringAdvance and relay optical (electric) cable projects can be used as a single project per city
XXX underwater light, cable line engineering (including water line building and equipment installation)
XXX subscriber line engineering (including trunk and wiring light, cable, handover and wiring equipment, hubs, poles, etc.)
XXX integrated wiring system engineering
Telecom pipeline construction projectCommunication pipeline construction project
Telecom transmission equipment installation engineeringXXX digital multiplexing equipment and optical and electrical equipment installation engineering
XXX digital relay, light equipment installation project
Microwave communication equipment installation engineeringXXX microwave communication equipment installation project (including antenna, feeder)
Satellite communication equipment installation projectXXX earth station communication equipment installation project (including antenna, feeder)
Mobile communication equipment installation engineeringXXX Mobile Control Center equipment installation project
Base station equipment installation project
Distribution system equipment installation engineering
Communication switching equipment installation projectXXX communication switching equipment installation project
Data communication equipment installation engineeringXXX data communication equipment installation project
Power supply equipment installation projectXXX power supply equipment installation project (including dedicated high voltage power supply line engineering)

Telecom/Communication engineering Tendering/bidding, Tender/Bid

  In the process of determining the contractor of the project, tendering and bidding are required. The bidding and bidding are based on the contract to determine the cooperation relationship between the two parties in the construction of the project.


  Generally speaking, the communication engineering construction unit is called Party A, and the communication engineering construction and construction unit is called Party B. Party A needs to build a communication project and can contact the relevant communication construction unit. This process is called bidding. Bidding can usually be divided into open bidding and invitation bidding.


  Project bidding is an important step in the engineering business. After obtaining the information about the project, Party B can make a bid according to the requirements of Party A. The tender form of communication engineering is similar to general construction engineering. The main contents include: the overall solution of the project engineering; the feasibility and advanced demonstration of the technical solution; the engineering implementation steps, the detailed list of equipment materials of the project; Technical standards, functions, functions, etc.; line and equipment installation costs; overall project quotation; model project introduction.
  The production of tenders is generally the responsibility of engineering and technical personnel with relevant experience. Before production, we must fully understand the market conditions, grasp the specific needs of Party A, and try to find out the advantages and disadvantages of other engineering companies participating in the bidding, in order to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses and defeat the enemy. At the same time, we must carefully calculate and honestly quote, and we can neither lose the opportunity to be too high, nor underestimate the valuation, which makes it difficult to implement after winning the bid.

Telecom/Communication engineering design documents

  The design document refers to the feasibility and social benefits and economic benefits of the proposed project in accordance with the approved design task book according to the relevant national regulations and technical specifications, combined with objective conditions and application of relevant scientific and technological achievements and long-term accumulated practical experience. According to the needs of the construction project, using the basic data obtained by surveying and measuring, and the national technical standards, the best solution in the feasibility study is embodied, and the documents that can provide basis for the construction.

A well thought detail plan, is our guarantee of successful project.

  Taking large-scale engineering projects as an example, the engineering design adopts a three-stage design consisting of preliminary design, technical design and construction drawing design. The purpose of preparing the design documents is to make the design tasks concrete and provide an accurate and reliable basis for the construction and installation of the project. The main content of the design document is generally composed of design instructions, budgetary documents and drawings.
1) Design Description
  The design description should reflect the overall outline of the project through concise and accurate texts, such as project scale, design basis, main workload and investment situation, comparison and conclusion of various options, and the relationship between individual projects and the whole process. Configuration of communication system and selection of main equipment.
2) Budget document
  The design budget of the construction project is a general term for the preliminary design budget and the construction drawing design budget. It is based on the preliminary design and construction drawing design. At the time of preparation, it should be carried out according to the corresponding design stage.

  • When the construction project adopts a two-stage design, the preliminary design stage prepares the budget estimate, and the construction drawing design stage prepares the budget;
  • A revised estimate should be prepared during the technical design phase of the three-stage design;
  • When using a one-stage design, only the construction drawing budget is prepared.

  The budget is the main basis for determining and controlling the scale of investment in fixed assets, arranging investment plans, and determining the project cost. It is also the main basis for signing contractual contracts, implementing investment packages and approving loan amounts and settlement project prices, and at the same time, the advantages of preparation equipment and materials are signed. The main basis for ordering contracts and assessing engineering design techniques, economic rationality and project cost is also an important part of the design documents.
3) Pattern
  The pattern in the design file is a file that expresses the designer’s intent in the form of symbols, text, and graphics. Different engineering projects, the content and quantity of the drawings are not the same. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the specific project, the corresponding pattern should be accurately drawn.

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