FOT Lessons: Fiber Optic Color & Identification

Fiber Optic Color & Identification

  The key products of the fiber optic cable include: various outdoor optical cables, miner-use optical cable, overall-distribution cables, FTTH cables, optical patch cords and optical patch accessories, etc.

FOT Cable Factory

FOT Cable Factory

Fiber Cable Identification

  In some instances, users and installers may feel confused and get the bad test results, as well as having problems with networks operating when connected over the wrong fiber type.

Multi-fiber Distribution Indoor Cable

FOT Multi-fiber Distribution Indoor Cable 

Single-mode and Multimode fibers
  How to identify single-mode and multimode fibers within a hybrid fiber optic cable.

Fiber Color coding

Patch cords

Buffer and jacket color coding

Buffer and jacket color coding

  The buffer or jacket on patch cords is often color-coded to indicate the type of fiber used. The strain relief “boot” that protects the fiber from bending at a connector is color-coded to indicate the type of connection. Connectors with a plastic shell (such as SC connectors) typically use a color-coded shell. Standard color coding for jackets and boots (or connector shells) are shown.

connector boot color coding

connector boot color coding 

  Remark: It is also possible that a small part of a connector is additionally colour- coded, e.g. the leaver of an E-2000 connector or a frame of an adapter. This additional colour coding indicates the correct port for a patchcord, if many patchcords are installed at one point.

Multi-fiber cables

EIA598-A Fiber Color Chart

EIA598-A Fiber Color Chart

  Individual fibers in a multi-fiber cable are often distinguished from one another by color-coded jackets or buffers on each fiber. The identification scheme used by Corning Cable Systems is based on EIA/TIA-598, “Optical Fiber Cable Color Coding.” EIA/TIA-598 defines identification schemes for fibers, buffered fibers, fiber units, and groups of fiber units within outside plant and premises optical fiber cables. This standard allows for fiber units to be identified by means of a printed legend. This method can be used for identification of fiber ribbons and fiber subunits. The legend will contain a corresponding printed numerical position number and/or color for use in identification.

FOT Cable Factory2

FOT Cable Factory2

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