FOT Lessons: learn about fiber optics telecom equipment logistics system

Functional activities of fiber optics telecom equipment logistics system

  Usually, fiber optics products logistics system can be made up of many different functional activities, some of which are described briefly below.

(1) Demand forecasting

GPON Equipment Market Research 2016-2022

  Demand forecasting estimates the need for precise amount of telecom product and project service that customers will require in the future. The logistics system can ensure the right products or services are available to meet those requirements. It involves in forecasting how much should be ordered from its suppliers, and how much of finished products should be transported in each (global) market.

(2)Customer end-to-end project service

“Fiber equipment in FTTx solution.” Check the FOT solution in fiberoptictel

  In a broad sense, full customer projects service is the output of the entire logistics system. It involves making sure that the right (project role) person receive the right product with the right quantity, at the right place, at the right time, in the right condition and at the right cost. At present, many logistics company may have a customer service department that handles complains, special orders, damage claims, returns, billing problems, etc.

(3)Fiber telecom items procurement

  Procurement is the purchase of fiber optics materials and service from outside to support the whole FTTH PON CATV triple play solution firm’s operations from production to marketing, sales and logistics. It includes the selection of supply source location, timing of purchase, price determination, quality control and many other issues.

(4)Efficient, cost-effective transportation

FTTH(telecom) equipment export import faq

FTTH(telecom) equipment export import faq

  Transportation refers to the physical movement of our access telecom network goods from one point to another point. It includes specific activities such as selecting the transport mode, choosing the particular route, selecting the right carrier, complying with various local transportation regulations. Transportation is usually the most costly logistics activity. It may account for 40%~60% of a company’s total logistics cost. Therefore, how to make a efficient, cost effective transportation between our business is so important.

(5)Equipment and accessaries warehousing

  Warehousing is an integral part of every logistics system. It plays an important role in providing a desired level of customer service at the lowest possible total cost. It refers to decide where goods can be stored for a particular period of time. Generally, the greater the time lag between production and consumption is, the larger the warehousing place is required.

(6)Spare parts, inventory management

Power adapter (Telecom) outline dimension

Power adapter (Telecom) outline dimension

  No matter spare parts or inventory management deals with balancing the cost of maintaining additional products on hand against the risk of not having those items when the customer wants them. This task has become more complex as firms have gradually lowered inventory levels.

(7) Materials handling

FOT Telecom testing center equipment

  Material handling is, in a broad sense, concerning all short-distance movements of raw materials, goods working in process, or finished goods within a equipment factory or products warehouse. As materials handling tend to add costs rather than value to fiber optics equipment logistics system, managers tend to minimize the number of handling processs whenever possible.

(8) Packaging

Safety topics during PON equipment installation

Safety topics during PON equipment installation

  Industrial packaging focuses on protecting the product while it is being transported and stored. It conveys important information to inform our global fiber project customer and provides protection during storage and transport. In marketing sense, the package acts as a form of promotion and advertising. Its size, weight, color, and printed information attract customers and convey knowledge about the product.

(9) Information management

  Information system could link all logistics areas together. Information processing is becoming increasingly automated, complex, and rapid. Efficient functioning is critical for the system, which is our goal.

(10) Other logistics activities

  Other activities such as waste disposal, return goods handling, and etc. are also important. Logistics managers have to consider the social costs associated with waste disposal. The handling of returned goods, often referred to as reverse distribution, is an important part of the logistics process.

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