FOT OLT’s applications in business buildings

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High bandwidth broadband access network applications (market) in business buildings, which is a big challenge for mobile/wireless network operators and service providers.

  Subscribers in business buildings have relatively high ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and denser locations. They occupy an important position in the operator’s target market.
  Incorporating voice, data, TDM and video services, the FOT OLT is the best choice for business subscribers. The FOT OLT can provide subscribers with the following services.

  • Broadband data access: Ethernet interface based.
  • Voice service access: plain old telephone service based, also via some intelligent terminals (with Ethernet interfaces).
  • Video service access: coaxial cable interface based CATV service or Ethernet interface based IPTV service.

  In the business building site applications, the FOT OLT supports FTTH ONU (ONT) and MDU ONU. The MDU ONU can be further subdivided into types such as LAN and xDSL, as shown in following figure.

FOT OLT's application in business buildings

FOT OLT’s application in business buildings

  •  It is suggested that Fiber to the Office (FTTO) is used in newly-built business buildings. The recommended ONU is the FOT GEPON/GPON ONU.
  •  For existing business building sites which already have installed LAN or telephone line networks, it is recommended to use LAN or xDSL MDU to upgrade the existing network or equipment thus saving the cost of installing a new network.
The LAN ONU/MDU CPE are the recommended FOT GEPON ONU terminals series.
The Giga network ONT terminals are the recommended FOT GPON ONT series.

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