FOT PON equipment’s maintainability and manageability

“Terminal management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Security management, Environment supervision”

  The FOT GEPON/GPON solution provides four network management functions: configuration management, security management, performance management and fault management. Together these functions fully guarantee network QoS and facilitate users’ routine maintenance and fault diagnosis.

Maintenance measures

  • Supports local and remote management measures.
  • Supports GUI and CLI network management system, and performs uniform management of OLTand ONU via the ANM2000 developed by Fiber Optic Telecom (FOT).
  • Supports in-band and out-of-band management modes.
  • Supports SNMP.
  • Supports Telnet protocol for remote access to and management of the equipment.
  • Supports multiple management IPs / VLANs, and allows multiple management servers to manage the same equipment simultaneously.

Terminal management

  • Supports the OLT to act as network management system proxy to conduct remote management of ONUs connected with the FOT OLT in compliance with the IEEE802.3 Ethernet OAM standard.
  • Supports pre-configuration of an ONU by the OLT.
    Saves the OLT pre-configuration. When the pre-configured ONU registers, the OLT will configure and authorize it automatically with the saved information. This makes service configuration more convenient.
  • Supports automatic detection and testing of the ONU.
  • Supports authenticating ONU based on multiple modes.
    The authenticating ONU can be based on physical address, logic identifier, logic identifier+password, logic identifier+physical address, logic identifier + password + physical address.
  • Supports interconnection with carrier’s management system, and receives configuration from the operator’s management system.

Fault Management

  • Provides additional alarm information to help users find reasons for alarms and identify the solution.
  • Supports system log function which can record the key configuration changes to the system to assist fault analysis and locating.
  • Supports signal tracing of speech to facilitate locating voice service faults.
  • Supports PSTN line quality and performance testing (for example, 112 testing made by China Telecom) which can locate phone line faults.
  • Provides performance supervision and detection of optical power levels, facilitating optical line maintenance.
  • Provides local and remote loopback function to locate user line fault.

Performance Management

  • Supports output of various statistic report forms to facilitate routine maintenance, such as performance statistics report form and alarm statistics report forms.
  • The network management system provides collection, query and analysis of performance data.

Security management

  • Supports management of the authorities in operating the network management system.
  • The management system allows different levels of management authority to be defined on a per user basis using the user management setting table. The system verifies each user authority level at login and will restrict that user’s operations according to the stored authorities list. Once a user passes the login authentication, menus unauthorized to the user will be greyed and unauthorized equipment hidden.

Environment supervision

  • Supports the collection and displaying of the environment supervision information.
    Collects environmental information from the OLTand ONUs (for ONUs equipped with this feature). Collected information can be displayed on the network management system.
  • Supports automatic adjustment of fan speed according to ambient temperature.

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