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  FOT Topic: “Is it difficult to deploy IPTV over EPON & GPON? Bandwidth is a major challenge or not??”

Answer 1: Yes

it is difficult to deploy IPTV on GEPON as we have only 1 giga bit which is divided into 32 customers with 1:32 splits. We require 4 Mb bandwidth for smoothly running the IPTV channels but at the time of switching we require 8 Mb bandwidth.

Answer 2: Need more detail to discuss

What is the scale of your deployment that you are looking at?

Answer 3: GPON is the best

1.25gbps is for uplink, where downlink is 2.5gbps.. normally SDTV requires 4-5Mbps and HDTV requires 8-10mbps downlink.
you don’t need to set uplink that big for IPTV TV setting.. GPON is the best

Answer 4: Hot discussion start

The challenge is to deploy the system you want. It’s wrong to say you cannot have IPTV in GEPON network. My company designed an middleware that can fit very well in a GEPON network. Not mentioning that you also may increase the expending on the headend side to provide high compression or even transcoding channels from mpeg to h.264 for example.
About the network for linear IPTV the main restrictions are the IGMP (multicast) that must be deployed at the network and middleware solution. For the catchup TV, which is unicast, might result exceptional rates at the EPON node, but don’t forget this all just like Internet…. statistic. the questions is, how many users will subscribe to catch up? when it will be most played simultaneously? and others like that. But as I mentioned before, for plain linear TV channels, for a 1:32 split ratio, IGMP based system and confident OLT equipment, is very suitable for IPTV.

Answer 5: Hot discussing

I think that using GPON would not give you the bandwidth you are requesting. What you may need to look at is a WDM-PON system, which would give each customer (possibly 1,000 customers on a system) the theoretical speed of 1Gbps. Now this may seem like too much to do, but it would suite the needs you are asking about, and then some. The problem is you now have to start thinking about giving customers more bandwidth, and not what you can give them at the most cost. I know this sounds a bit harsh, but to play in the IPTV game you have to expand your network, its capabilities, and its functions. To do that you need more bandwidth and a lot of it to even think about competing with cable, as far as delivering TV over IP.
However, if just being “good enough” is the goal then GPON will do, but it is very limited, your question was can you do IPTV over GPON, and the answer is actually yes, but not very well and if channel density is a concern, not very long.

Answer 6: The way how to deploy IPTV via GEPON.

I don’t think it’s difficult to deploy IPTV in EPON/GPON network as you can assign more than 15M bandwidth to each user which is enough for IPTV.

Answer 7: TV (IPTV) transmission features

GPON has reserved specific wawelenght range for TV transmission, hasnt it?
–>Yes 1550nm for baseband trans mission but this is not really IP TV as much as channelized video wit trick-play features. What I am talking about is the delivery of IPTV which will require band constraints for wide distribution.

Answer 8: Opinions about IPTV (Channelized Video)

what the problem is, is that the band width while sufficient for small scale deployment with limited channel density (VOD), full scale IPTV (Channelized Video) would require multiple channel slots, which would overload G and E PON eventually. It will work but it would be limited.

 Answer 9: Keep discussing

This question is like Haley’s comet, it is still returning. And questions usually contain no input data for further assessment, like type of IPTV and if it is managed (guaranteed QoS) IPTV or unmanaged etc. I think our calculation with Nirmal earlier this year revealed possibility to connect over 8000 ONUs per single OLT. And I remember one Japanese CATV which upgraded its network withpossibility of easy implementation of 40GPON in order to be able to provide 4K IPTV or eventually 8K IPTV.
Last mile access solution

Last mile access solution

  –More discussions, welcome to share your ideas…

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