FOT Topic: Potential Gigabit Application in Fiber-Optic Broadband Network

Fiber is so fast, it’s hard to know what to do with it!

  A team of computer programmers (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) set out to learn how many cute kitten photos can be downloaded in one second on their fiber broadband network, with blazing Internet speed. The answer: 612.

super high-speed Internet

super high-speed Internet

  Based on such super high-speed Internet, some companies are searching the Killer app – potential gigabit applications…

Below are hot discussions & views on some potential Gigabit applications:

Below are my views on some potential Gigabit applications:
– High-definition real-time medical images;
– Superfast upload and download businesses;
– High-speed cloud functionalities;
– Immersive real-time communications.

Someone describe the situation: A solution waiting for a problem!

When could I use it to backup my brain?

How about large ‘industrial production’ – type applications

Super high-speed Internet will be very important for large, complex information systems, not for the average computer user. For example, if/when medical records in the country get completely integrated so that a hospital on one side of the country can immediately access records from a hospital on the other side (subject to adequate permissions and security protections for patients), this will require huge transmission capabilities, Imagine millions of these transactions occurring every second.
Similarly, continual monitoring of road segments within a state would require huge transmission capabilities on the Internet and very fast speeds (why stop at 1 Gb?). If drones every get commonly used for commercial activities (God forbid!), one would need a very complex air traffic control system communicating instantly over the Internet to manage such chaos.
In short, the biggest use of a super-fast Internet will be these large ‘industrial production’-type applications, not typical consumer demand to stream a movie in high definition.

The consumers will benefit

I am very glad this is happening because something has to happen with the telco and cable companies. The problem is that there currently is no competition in the market. I have only once choice where I live, and they are awful. So actual phone and internet provider can introduce competition into this market the consumers will benefit.

Things I appreciate about Fiber Optic Network:

Things I appreciate about Fiber Optic Network:
1. Ability to back up my data files in the web/cloud, which was prohibitive with my previous carriers very limited upload speeds.
2. Ability to upload my photos, both for backup and sharing, again prohibitive with my previous carriers very limited upload speeds.
3. Faster surfing in general.

Eventually, good jobs

It’s not about consumers watching movies or uploading photos to Facebook. It’s about enabling innovation — which, by the way, can’t be rushed — and, eventually, good jobs. Off the top of my head I can think of a half-dozen tech start-ups an entrepreneur would not consider locating in a city without fast two-way internet connectivity. Kansas City, here they come.

Opportunity of SOHO  business

This strikes me as a major drag on innovation. A house makes for a poor data center for an ongoing business, but data center space is expensive and it seems to me that innovation is one of those things that comes out of garages and basements.

High bandwidth fiber for 4K 3D video

Video is the great user of Internet bandwidth and one obvious use for high bandwidth fiber would be 4K 3D video, which is just about ready (the Blu Ray consortium has announced a 4K disk). And video resolution will continue to increase as technology improves, until the transmitted picture has a resolution and field of view that matches the human eye.
Eventually, video images will be virtually indistinguishable from reality — and that will change the way we interact and work, since physical presence will become less important. A virtual reality vacation? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility. Visit the Prado, or stroll the surface of Mars!
The new 4K video files will only take 15 MBS to stream compressed. So far, I haven’t seen any video services offering HD movies uncompressed, which could utilize the bandwidth.

Benefits of fiber

On of the benefits of fiber is that is puts huge price pressure on the cable operators to not raise prices and/or to offer more for their fees. We have four providers in town, creating good market competition. Google is offering 5 MBS service for free for at least 7 years for a cost of $300 or 12 payments of $25. This is wonderful for older folks on fixed income or lower income households. It opens to door for free access for all down in the future.

Fiber cloud computing

The apps don’t exist today, but they will come. I think fiber will make cloud computing much more prevalent. The home PC may become just a terminal. Software may be rented or subscribed to. Fiber could change everything or change nothing. We shall see, but I’m glad I have it now.

Speed and prices

It’s not higher speed we in this country , it’s more competition
The speed increase will automatically come after that and decrease in prices
Europe has done it

  “There aren’t really any applications that fully take advantage of Fiber’s speed, at least not for ordinary people. And since only a few cities have such fast Internet access, tech companies aren’t clamoring to build things for Fiber. So it has fallen to locals — academics, residents, programmers and small-business owners — to make the best of it.”

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