MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) is a good choice for Multi tenant buildings?

FTTH P2MP((point to multi-point) PON fiber solution

FTTH P2MP((point to multi-point) PON fiber solution

Can we connect a 48-Port Ethernet switch to the ONT to accommodate more end devices? Thanks

Comment 1: Did you consider to use an MDU(Multi Dwelling Unit)?

What would be the architecture with MDU. If I have a large number of end devices, may be more than 100; will it be a feasible solution to place an ONT for each single device. I don’t think so. I am considering the following setup to implement:
OLT—->Splitter—–>ONU/ONT—–>Ethernet Switch(24/48 Port)—–>End Device(PC/Wifi/CCTV)
Lets assume both ONT and Ethernet Switch are gigabit, can we have this setup in place???

Comment 2: Reconfiguration of the ONT (allow sync)

I presume that you want to go straight from the ONT to the patch panel? If so it might be just a case of reconfiguration of the IP addresses been correct to allow sync.

Comment 3:  MDU is a good choice for Multi tenant buildings

What PON technology are you rolling out, perhaps EPON? For GPON, i would recommend an MDU ONT switch. with this type of ONT you can connect multiple devices,with its builtin interface for ADSL/VDSL modems in legacy copper networks, its a good choice for Multi tenant buildings that are not fully fibre reticulated. cheers & Good luck

Reply: Can we use MDU in EPON as well?

Yes, we are going for EPON. Can we use MDU in EPON as well? And did the MDU will serve as Ethernet switch OR we need to place an additional ethernet switch as well in this setup.

Comment 4 & Reply:  ONU to ONU possible in EPON?

ONU to ONU LAN communication possible in EPON??
I dont think so. ONU is more like a passive device and can only forward upstream traffic to OLT.

Comment 5: 4 repeater rule, don’t exceed the 1:128 gpon port count

yes as long as the 4 repeater rule is not violated it will work fine. It is however not recommended to exceed the 1:128 gpon port count and make sure the switch is a Gb switch or better. The industry does provide high density ONTS as well. These are recommended.

Comment 6: onu to onu communication possible?

yes sir,,,onu to onu communication possible,,,,,,if u need different group of communication u should make as different vlan s in epon network,,,
Are the ONTs that much intelligent that it can recognize the peer devices? Will the traffic will flow from ONT—>ONT OR ONT—>OLT—>ONT???

Comment 7: The topology referred for MDU is correct

Hi, The topology referred for MDU is the correct way to deployment, which quite similar to enterprise level deployment, all you to take care of traffic engineering if L2 environment or traffic management if L3 using some bandwidth shaper with EMS tool.
Hope that solves your issue.
If you can share the real environment we can suggest service provider level solutions

Reply: Detailed project background

We have a 6 story building of around 400000 sqft having 3 communication rooms at each floor. Main data center is located at Ground Floor and approximately 100 offices are there on each floor. Every office will have its own separate internet link in addition to the building services, i.e. Wifi,CCTV, ACS, etc. And we need to deploy EPON. Dedicating a single ONT for each office and building services devices (wifi, cctv, ACS, etc.) will overrun the cost. While there are some offices and building services devices that are far away from communication rooms so exceeding ethernet range. What would be the possible design options for this kind of network?

Comment 8: We just finished a MDU projects

Don’t know why you are using epon when gpon and follow on xgpon and ngpon are available today. Epon keeps you in the same data centric model.
We just finished a 42 story MDU with 242 fiber wallplates. We integrated RF into the fiber distribution network and are now using ONTs to convert from fiber to copper. The data network is served by 1 Gb at the curb with burstable services via the RJ45 ports on each ONT. Building Services such as wireless .. surveillance .. access control .. annunciation .. and telephony to include analog integration with local and virtual VOIP are upcoming. For these services we use a shared ONT some with POE and copper connections.
Flawless with 8 4k HDTV running prior to Christmas.
The job took 120 days start to finish. We eliminated 42 floors of amplifiers and splitters plus a full rack of gear for sat tv. We eliminated 42 floors of network switches plus the core switches. We removed the cable plant stuffing in 4 4 inch risers in favor of 14 strands of fiber.
Also consider eliminating your IDF ‘s as they are just not needed any longer.

Comment 9: This topology should work

Hi Farman,
Your connect OLT—->Splitter—–>ONU/ONT—–>Ethernet Switch(24/48 Port)—–>End Device(PC/Wifi/CCTV) should work.
You can also use MDU to replace ONU+Switch.
OLT—->Splitter—–>MDU(16/24 Port)—–>End Device(PC/Wifi/CCTV)
Above explaination is nicely explained.
So to conclude, it is recommended to use an MDU ONT instead of placing an additional switch.

Comment 10: yes better use MDU.

yes better use MDU.
MDU to replace ONU+Switch.
OLT—->Splitter—–>MDU(16/24 Port)—–>End Device(PC/Wifi/CCTV).
Any multiport MDU is good as per req.
OLT—->Splitters—->MDU ONT—->UTP Connected devices (upto 90 meters)

Comment 11: Mind the split ratios and loss

Yup but mind the split ratios and loss. If you are seeking density why not use a 24 port ONT?

Comment 12: Try to add EPON limits bandwidth

I would add that EPON limits bandwidth of a pon to 840Mbps due to overhead, so supporting 100 cameras at a MP resolution and high frame rate will severely limit capacity. I’d look at a 24 port rack mounted ONT. At least GPON will give you 1.2Gbps after overhead, and symmetrical 10G available here shortly. Above explaination is pretty spot on in his suggestions.

Comment 13: Make sure the PON has a very low split count

Let us know how that works out for you using PON like that !. If you are going to run a anything near a giga traffic to and from the network, make sure the PON has a very low split count. If you are going to run a Gige go Active pt-pt it will be far less hassle. Remember PON is designed for low bandwidth aggregation use not high bandwidth since it is a shared media.

Comment 14: Limitation of Mac address of OLT

It is possible but before connect be sure the limitation of Mac address of OLT as some vendor having this issue.

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