FOT WAP300 Indoor Ceiling Wireless AP

High Power Indoor Ceiling Wireless AP

High Power Indoor Ceiling Wireless AP

High Power Indoor Ceiling Wireless AP


FOT WAP300 is Wireless ceiling-mount PoE Wireless AP, which featuring the latest wireless technology with MIMO to offer 300M Wireless transmission data rate. Using external power PA and LNA design,WAP300 wireless output power up to 500mW which enhanced wireless coverage range up to 50-100m,and optimized receiving sensitivity to build up a stable wireless infrastructure. It is ideal for enterprises, hotels, hospitals and home users to extend wireless network coverage.


  • Output power adjustable & ACK timeout
  • Support PTP and PTMP(Point to Multi-point)
  • Firewall, IP/Port/MAC and URL filtering
  • QoS: Traffic Control & WMM
  • Traffic statistics based port
  • Supports Ping Watch Dog and Wireless Speed Test
  • Built-in NAT and DHCP Server & Client
  • Supports Address Reservation
  • Virtual DMZ,Port Forwarding
  • TCP/UDP/ICMP/ARP protocol stack
  • UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing, PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP Internet Access
  • Wireless user access control(ACL)
  • NTP Client 

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