FOT’s FULL video guidance for installing EPON EMS

Installation guide for EPON EMS software

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What is EMS management software?

  An element management system (EMS) consists of systems and applications for managing network elements (NE) on the network element-management layer (NEL) of the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) model.

FOT EPON OLT EMS software (package):

  • Database installation package 

   EMS software database using third party open Mysql database, Mysql installer software CD (Mysql version 5.0 or above).

  • EMS Installation package 

   FOT EMS software, includes Server and Client software package.

3 steps to install EPON EMS

  Step 1. Mysql Database installation – Mysql server setup & Start Mysql configuration
  Step 2. OLT EMS software Installation – includes EMS Server startup and the EMS Client installation
  Step 3. Check Mysql service start (in Windows), and login EMS Client successfully.

EMS system interface

EMS system interface

Program starts Procedure

  1. Mysql database startup. – Before you start the EMS, you must first start the Mysql database service in Windows system.
  2. EMS startup. – Like the common C/S architecture, as we know, the EMS software is divided into two parts of the Server and Client, we must start the Server first, then start the Client.
FOT's FULL video guidance for installing EPON EMS

FOT’s FULL video guidance for installing EPON EMS

  1. How i Download EMS Software

  2. How i Download EMS Software

  3. How Donwload EMS ?


  4. How downlode EMS Software

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