Frequently asked questions for FOT EoC device

EoC (Ethernet over Coax) equipment FAQ

Q1. Can i name the EoC slaves so i can tell which slave is which on the EoC master?

Yes, you can add description to name the slaves.

Q2. need to know the ideal signal levels for the slave to operate properly?

The EoC receive sensitivity is -60dBm.

Q3. What is the default IP of the slave? Do you have any setup documentation?

The wifi slave IP Yes, we have user manual document.
It’s simple WIFI setting, you can know to set when you login.
There is no local IP login in normal slave(without wifi).

Q4. how do i change the IP address of the slave?

Please check the EoC master web mangment—>slave.

Q5. I have several wireless EoC modems that have lost their configuration after we install them. We change the SSID and Password and test them, however after a few days they revert back to the factory default. Can you tell us why this would happen?

please give me more detail about configuration lost(you would better give me the picture) ,and tell me whether all slave have this problem or some of them have this problem; I test 3 slave in my company ,all are normal;

Q6. Is there a way to pre-set the wireless modems with our configuration from the factory?

please give me the detail of pre-set configuration;

Q7. Are there any software updates available for the modems or controllers?

no new available software for update

Q8. We use the modems with a DirecTV system which uses high frequency signals, can you replace the splitter in the modem to pass the following signal: 2 – 2300Mhz

yes ,we can change the splitter, if your order quantity is big

Q9. What is the optimum SNR for the EoC modem?

the SNR value is bigger and better, but we would better keep the SNR is bigger than 35dB;

Q10. What is the ideal db level for Decay in FOT EoC products?

the decay is from 10dB uv to 60dB uv
mounting holes of EoC slave

mounting holes of EoC slave

Q11. Do you have a wall mounting bracket for the modems?

Please check the EoC-S704W picture above.
There is holes at back of modem, which you can hang on wall.

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