FSAN releases future PON network development and evolution roadmap

  Yesterday (12/12/2016), the FSAN (Full Service Access Network) organization announced the evolution of the future PON network at the conference held in Hangzhou, China, from 14 to 18 last month, marking the path for the evolution of PON after XGS-PON and NG-PON2. . FSAN is a telecom operators and equipment manufacturers, chip vendors, device manufacturers to form the industry organizations, including China Telecom, China Unicom and other major global telecom operators and Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome and other major global equipment manufacturers, as well as Mitsubishi, Macom, Marvell, Finisar, Hisense, Broadcom and other major devices and chip manufacturers. The common goal of these enterprises is to promote the development of optical fiber broadband network. FSAN has played an important role in the development of BPON and GPON.

future PON network development and evolution roadmap

future PON network development and evolution roadmap

  “After careful consideration and discussion, FSAN network operators have defined their goals and the timeline for the evolution of fiber access systems,” said Peter Dawes, Chairman of the FSAN Next Generation PON Working Group. “This is the roadmap, And will be used to guide the next few years FSAN work.

  According to this roadmap, future PONs will also feature the following on top of existing PON standards:

  • To enhance the transmission capacity:
  • Extended transmission distance:
  • Improve availability, reliability;
  • Improved flexibility;
  • Peak rate beyond 10Gbps;

  In addition, the roadmap identifies technologies and trends that will impact future PON architectures, including SDN / NFV, 5G mobile communications, and IpT, network and service convergence. Future PONs will not rely solely on power distribution, but may also rely on wavelength allocation.

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