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  Recently we noticed some questions regarding to FTTH EPON and GPON solution raised, besides, our blog reader also seems more interested in FAQ posting like “EPON Equipment FAQ“.

FTTH PON solution Lab simulation

FTTH PON solution Lab simulation

  Therefore, now we are making a list of hot, typical and useful questions and answers generated from our customers and readers, sharing as following:

Do you know exactly the end-users need?
  Our customers are usually looking for solutions that can help them meet the end-users’requirements for high-speed broadband, IPTV, VoIP, Triple play, rich application etc.

Why is fiber better?
  In the whole broadband area, fiber solution(FTTH) beats all other technologies for speed and reach etc:

Attenuation per unit length

  • reasons for energy loss (copper: resistance, skin effect, radiation, coupling;fiber: internal scattering, imperfect total internal reflection)
  • so fiber beats coax by about 2 orders of magnitude (e.g. 10 dB/km for thin coax at 50MHz, 0.15 dB/km l =1550nm fiber)

Noise ingress and cross-talk

  • copper couples to all nearby conductors
  • no similar ingress mechanism for fiber

Ground-potential, galvanic isolation, lightning protection

  • copper can be hard to handle and dangerous
  • no concerns for fiber

Why choose EPON solution?

EPON GPON EMS solution

EPON GPON EMS solution

  EPON network has better bandwidth than traditional DSL or Coaxial network.
  Its better compatibility and small pre-investment attract many SM ISP choose EPON network.

What is the advantages of the GPON solution?

  • Plenty of bandwidth;
  • Greater capacity;
  • Better scalable ability
  • GPON DBA support QoS.

  For fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the building/curb (FTTB / C), Fiber Optic Telecom provides another choice-GPON OLT and ONT Product series,to meet the various needs of our customers.

What is the current status of FTTH.
  All over the world, the speed or the coverage of FTTH solution evolution in different Country/Territory is not consistent.

  Top Regional interest list (from google trends)

South Korea
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Would you please share the trends idea of FTTH?

  • Demand for Broadband is crazily increasing.
  • Data-downloading
  • On-line Gaming/VoIP, video telephony and video conference
  • HD Digital TV (High-definition TV)

  For one hand, as the LTE/4G is approaching; The other hand, as the IMS/UC(Unified Communications) service is booming. Besides, Big Data time and daily multimedia needs etc.
  Broadband, especially FTTH EPON/GPON solution is booming worldwide.

Trends on Fiber Optic Telecom

Trends on Fiber Optic Telecom (Visits)

  The graph above was a visits/clicks diagram on Fiber Optic Telecom Website: www.fiberoptictel.com update last week, this curve seems indicating better in FTTH market: ^-^

Will the LTE/4G/5G Mobile technology be substitute of FTTH solution?
  LTE will surely lead to the increase of fixed investment, and fixed broadband will be upgraded definitely. As spectrum resource is limited, the wireless network can not bear the data traffic’s explosive growth lonely in the future.

  Based on the technical analysis above,the answer is definitely No.

The top GPON keywords:

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The top EPON keywords:

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