FTTH is changing our life/habits

FTTH is changing our life/habits

What do fiber bring to us?

Nils runs a media company, in the density population Holland region.Fiber to the home now allows him to spend more time with his family at the countryside home more than an hour from his place of work.

Content of living with FTTH

Father(Nils) said: what I do from home, especially work on the computer and might work into texas spend their my time to talk with people and especially social activity and get some inspiration from colleagues.

I can spend more time with my family and I have to grown up with children well they need also sometime with me so I can have them.

So it’s better to work and from home and I can see them earlier and well dressed to go back to company.

They know there can do more and save time because otherwise spend more time in the car and that is not very convenient and working from home especially in in primetime it is easy to do.

Description: Nils’ daughter Milou goes to university in another town.Fiber helps to keep up when she was visiting her family.

Daughter(Milou) said:Well we have sold for 200 private network so we can log in on the Internet LES the black for its it’s an online learning center we have to make a test every Sunday on its like parts blackboard?

Description: The high speed connection allows the entire family to use bandwidth-intensive applications at the same time.

Daughter said:The test is in a limited time,as to rest of the family is a on the Internet with my brother play the games a lot and I don’t a problem I can work speedy.

Son Luud said: You can chat in game as the a lot of people around the world of Huntsville’s well with no latency.And now you can just check facebook assault things I it’s caving or live streaming.

Description: When he’s not studying some loot print some extra money working from home.

Son said: They are upload the little fees for the movies to a size that people can watch and I have the kinds tie up loads a speeds it’s very fast so I can and do my job good.

Description: The local fibre network even allowed one of me lose classmates to follow classes from home joining a prolonged illness.

Dauther said: Yet friend and she was ill for a long time so we had a computer and a bag of class and she can’t follow lessons a through the camera* and yet take some time all Friends needed and take care owner speeds.

Description: The provider brings high definition TV services to the living room after work, mother Marlon watch a show broadcast earlier that day.

Mother said: I love to what’s her cell phone programs and yes of course I can watch during he worked on his computer.

Description: Nils can collaborate on projects and access large media files from home anytime.Fiber enables a flexible work schedule and even helps them stay fit so you going.

Father(Nils) said: It’s cost more than three times a week to have training and and now it’s easier to do it in the morning and I used and an application on my phone and I can also lock my includes well and after that winning and I go home for a photo with my work.It is easily combined.

Fiber to the home is changing how we go, FTTH is going to change our life/habits hugely.

-Great thanks to FTTH Council Europe.

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