FTTH PON Equipment Markets Forecast 2015

FTTH PON Equipment Markets Forecast 2015

EPON / GPON flexible solution, FTTH Growth rate, FTTH connections of households 

  Fiber network technology, also known as FTTH PON solutions, is now becoming the hot topic in the telecom broadband and access network area. FOT blog trying to collect related data, charts and information here to attract your sincerely discussions on this topic “PON equipment markets” in coming 2015.

Key markets of GPON equipment

  The report focuses on India, the Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern and Central Europe — key markets using Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) equipment to provide broadband access to subscribers.

GPON in Key Markets Fcst-Infonetics

GPON in Key Markets Fcst-Infonetics

Market Highlights

  Though GPON infrastructure investments currently far outpace GPON subscriber growth, subscribers to premium broadband services via 2.5G GPON technology are expected to rise at a rapid clip, totaling 8.5 million by 2015 in India, the Middle East, Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe.

PON Equipment Market revenue

PON Equipment Market revenue

Revenue from 2.5G GPON equipment

  Revenue from 2.5G GPON equipment is forecast by Infonetics Research to grow at a 16% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2010 to 2015 in Western Europe, and at a 13% CAGR in Central and Eastern Europe.

China leading the FTTx market next 5 years?

  From the application point of view, telcos of FTTB‘s (fiber to the building) will continue to EPON-based, FTTN’s (fiber to the node) operators will take EPON / GPON mixed solution, while MDU’s (multi-dwelling unit) groups, like China Telecom, may deploy Ethernet miniaturization places GPON priority.

FTTH Equipment manufacturers Preferred EPON / GPON flexible solution?

  Dr. Zheng Liu, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Atheros corporate said, “Because EPON / GPON technology is not compatible,some operators have already deployed a large number of EPON, which may continue to use single EPON technology. Future EPON and GPON market share will be 8: 2.”

World FTTH growth rate

  Most countries around the world currently are converting to FTTH network. The progress requires massive capital investment and training lots of people to install FTTH, or FTTP (fiber to the premises as they call it.) Even the CATV companies are considering fiber to replace aging coax, since the price is right and performance unlimited. (From FOA)

World FTTH growth rate

World FTTH growth rate

  Above is recent data on worldwide FTTH (from Heavy Reading), showing the growth rate:

FTTH connections of households (percentage)

  And here is a graph showing FTTH connections as a percentage of households in 2012 (from the FTTH Council.):

Global ranking FTTH all countries

Global ranking FTTH all countries

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